Dual Doctorate PhD/DNP

The dual doctorate DNP/PhD program is designed for students who seek to combine leadership in advanced practice with the development of nursing science through research. Dual doctoral students from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing develop a unique focus for their research and practice. Graduates are prepared to excel in the lab, classroom or hospital executive offices.


Students will complete coursework in a side-­by-side fashion, taking courses in both programs concurrently. An overlap of 11 credits between the two programs will be allowed. The dual doctorate program takes a minimum of five years to complete. View a Sample Program Plan.

Students will complete two research projects, with the potential for the DNP scholarly project to serve as a pilot study for the PhD dissertation. Students would have the opportunity to complete course requirements for both the DNP and PhD in nursing degrees (55 credits) in three years, after which they would complete their proposal development, candidacy exam, proposal defense, scholarly project and final dissertation defense (5 + 18 dissertation credits).

Financial Resources

Students in this program may apply for funding through the Nurse Faculty Loan Program, which may be part of the DNP degree. It is available to all DNP and PhD students who agree to take the available courses in curriculum/instruction and teaching/evaluation, as well as complete a teaching practicum. Students may be eligible for additional funding opportunities as well.

Application and Admission Requirements

Prospective students must apply to both the PhD and DNP programs, indicating their interest in the dual doctorate within the online application.

Please Note: Admission to the DNP program is determined by the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, whereas admission to the PhD program is determined by the Case Western Reserve University School of Graduate Studies.

Additional Information