MSN to Doctorate

Start Your DNP or PhD During Your MSN

Students entering into one of our master’s programs with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Graduate Entry degree can be admitted to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or the PhD program to take doctoral-level courses and have them apply to the Master of Nursing Science program.

Students still will receive the MSN degree and will have completed 9 credits toward the DNP, or 8 credits toward the PhD. To qualify, interested students should apply to both the MSN and the doctoral program of their choice at the same time. 

The following courses in the MSN are replaced with the DNP courses. These DNP courses are offered in the intensive format.

MSN to DNP Courses and Credits

MSN Credits DNP Credits
NURS 405 2 NUND 504 3
NURS 425 3 NUND 540 3
NURS 444C 1 NUND 508 3

The following courses in the MSN are replaced with the PhD courses.

MSN to PhD Courses and Credits

(Updated 3/12/14; subject to change)

MSN Credits PhD Credits
NURS 405: Theoretical foundations 3 NURS 511: Theory development 3
NURS 425: Research process 3 NURS 530/531: Research methods 3
NURS 502: Evidence based practice 2    
NURS 503: Inquiry practicum 1 Research practicum 1
NURS 444C: Policy/ legal issues 1 NURS 609 Health policy 1