MSN to Doctorate

Start Your DNP or PhD During Your MSN

Students entering into one of our master’s programs with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Graduate Entry degree can be admitted to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or the PhD program to take doctoral-level courses and have them apply to the Master of Nursing Science program.

Students still will receive the MSN degree and will have completed 9 credits toward the DNP, or 8 credits toward the PhD. To qualify, interested students should apply to both the MSN and the doctoral program of their choice at the same time.

Fall - 1st Year Spring - 1st Year Summer - 1st Year
NURS 504: Nursing Knowledge Development (3) NURS 533: Data Science (3) Research Practicum*
NURS 530: Research Methods (3) NURS 531: Research Methods II (3)  
NURS 532: Applied Statistics (3)** NURS 518: Qualitative Research (3)  
Fall - 2nd Year Spring - 2nd Year Summer - 2nd Year
NURS 524: Genomics (2) NURS 615: Topical Seminar or Elective (3) NURS 671: Proposal Development (3)
NURS 615: Topical Seminar or Elective (3) NURS 631: Multivariate Analysis (3)  
NURS 630: Linear Models (3) NURS 609 Health Policy  
Fall - 3rd Year Spring - 3rd Year
NURS 701: Dissertation (9) NURS 701: Dissertation (9)

* Research practicum hours can also be taken all year round during the first two years of course work, but must be completed before proposal development and dissertation.

** Students may take NURS 532, NURS 609 and/or NURS 615 or elective - during the summer, if offered, to accelerate their program of study.