Homecoming & Reunion 2017 Photos

Homecoming & Reunion Celebration 2017 Was a Great Success!

Eat, Sleep and Be Healthy Wellness Conference

October 5-8, 2017

FPB alumni and friends from the entire university celebrated Homecoming + Reunion Weekend. All members of our FPB alumni community were invited back to campus--Homecoming isn't just for reunion classes.

 This year, members of the FPB community were able to attend our conference, Eat, Sleep and Be Healthy wellness conference. Continuing Education credits were available -- and these sessions were offered for free. Sessions were integrated with Homecoming Weekend events.

They enjoyed Homecoming favorites like Grand Classes Dinner with the Dean, the FPB Alumni Association Awards Luncheon, and earn Continuing Education credits with wellness lectures on sleep behavior, secondary trauma, and resilience for the nursing profession.