Nursing Research News: August 2023

Image of the Health Education Campus at Case Western Reserve University at night.

Each month, the Center for Research and Scholarship at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing sends an internal research newsletter to faculty, staff, students and researchers. A recap is posted here.

Goldbag Research Seminar Series

The School of Nursing announced the Fall 2023 lineup for the Goldbag Research Seminar Series. You can find the full details in this news article.

Recent School of Nursing Publications

Griggs, S., Huynh, J., Rieke, J., & Howard, Q. (in press). The role of perceived sleep quality and cardiovascular health factors and behaviors in young adults with type 1 diabetes. The Science of Diabetes Self-Management and Care.

Griggs, S., Ash, G. I., Pignatiello, G. A., Papik, A., Huynh, J., Leuchtag, M., & Hickman, R. L. Jr. (in press). Recruitment and retention of young adults with type 1 diabetes via social media. JMIR Formative Research.

Honsky, J., Edguer, M. N., Click, E. R., Rusnak, S., Burgess Van Aken, B., Salerno, M. A., & Berg, K. A. (2023). Mindfulness matters in the classroom: A pilot study of a university-wide classroom-based brief mindfulness program. Journal of American College Health. Jul 25; 1-10. Advance online publication. 

Koroukian, S. M., Douglas, S. L. (co-first authors), Vu, L., Fein, H. L., Gairola, R., Warner, D. F., Schiltz, N. K., Cullen, J., Owusu, C., Sajatovic, M., & Rose, J. (2023). Aggressive end-of-life care across gradients of cognitive impairment in nursing home patients with metastatic cancer. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Advance online publication.

Meyer, K., Rath, L., Avent, E., Benton, D., Nash, P., & Wilber, K. (in press). How do family caregivers of older adults cope with relationship strain? Aging and Mental Health. Advance online publication.