Nursing Research News: November 2023

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Each month, the Center for Research and Scholarship at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing sends an internal research newsletter to faculty, staff, students and researchers. A recap is posted here.

A Message from the Associate Dean for Research

November is National Gratitude Month, and our FPB research community has much to celebrate and many reasons to be thankful.

Life can be a busy and even exhausting journey at times, but it’s important to remember to occasionally slow down, reflect, and be in the present. It’s in those quiet moments of reflection that we can truly appreciate our accomplishments and those who have helped us get to where we are.

This fall, our school’s research community has been remarkably productive, submitting 17 grant proposals requesting more than $22 million, as well as numerous research publications, journal articles, and textbook chapters disseminated by our faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and doctoral students. This increase in our research productivity is inspiring, and highlights how FPB School of Nursing faculty, staff, and students are dedicated to the work they do.

Being a part of this research community fills me with a sense of purpose and pride. The people in this community are what makes it truly special, and I am grateful for your vision, brilliance, and unwavering dedication to advancing nursing and health science for the betterment of all.

As we celebrate this month of gratitude and thanksgiving, let's take a moment to appreciate the people around us who make a difference in our lives and who help to advance our school’s research mission.

-Ron Hickman, associate dean for research

Research and Scholarly News

The final Goldbag presentation this fall will be held on Nov. 27, from noon to 1 p.m., with Hudson Santos, PhD, RN, FABMR, professor, vice dean for research affairs and the Dolores J. Chambreau Endowed Chair in Nursing at the School of Nursing and Health Studies at the University of Miami, speaking on “Developmental Origins of Child Health: From Womb to Society.”

To attend on Nov. 27, go to this Zoom link. 
You can access and view recordings of these and previous Goldbag presentations here.

Call for Abstracts: Building Trust in Health Care for Diverse Populations

Wayne State University’s College of Nursing will hold an Urban Health Research Conference on April 17, 2024 on its campus in Detroit, Michigan, and is now accepting abstracts for the event. This year’s conference theme will focus on overcoming the effect of mistrust and discrimination to build trustworthy relationships in health care among diverse populations.

To submit your abstract, please complete this online form. Abstracts must be submitted online in both authored and blinded versions. 
Abstracts must be submitted by 5 p.m. EST on Wed., Dec. 13, 2023. Submission of an abstract indicates permission to include it in program materials to be distributed for the conference. Questions about abstract submission may be directed to Elizabeth Jenuwine,, or by calling 313-577-4134. 
For more information about location and abstract submissions, visit

NIH News and Updates

Upcoming changes to enhance peer review of NIH grant applications

One very noticeable change you will see when the new framework goes into effect for due dates on/after Jan. 25, 2025, is that there will no longer be five scored criteria (Significance, Investigator(s), Innovation, Approach, and Environment). Instead, the criteria will be consolidated into three factors:

  1. Importance of Research (based on Significance and Innovation)
  2. Feasibility and Rigor (based on Approach)
  3. Expertise and Resources (based on Investigator and Environment)

This three-factor structure is intended to focus the evaluation of scientific merit on key questions: How important is the proposed research? Is the project both rigorous and feasible? Does the investigator or investigators have the demonstrated background, training, and expertise to do the research? Are the institutional resources appropriate to ensure that the proposed work can be executed successfully? 

More information can be found about the Simplified Peer Review Framework here and in the NIH blog “Review Matters” here. The Center for Research and Scholarship will provide updates as more information is made available by NIH.

Requesting & Justifying Costs for Data Management and Sharing

NOT-OD-23-161 includes the following, “Effective for applications submitted for due dates on or after Oct. 5, 2023, NIH will no longer require the use of the single DMS cost line item. NIH recognizes that DMS costs may be requested in many cost categories.”

NIH has released updated guidance on how to budget for costs to support the activities described in the Data Management and Sharing Plan, which must be requested in the appropriate cost category (e.g., personnel, equipment, supplies, other expenses).

Investigators must also include a justification of the activities proposed in the DMS Plan that will incur costs. This justification must be labeled as “Data Management and Sharing Justification” within the budget justification attachment, followed by the estimated dollar amount.

The justification should include a brief summary of type and amount of scientific data to be preserved and shared, and the name of the established repository to be used. It should also indicate general cost categories, such as curating data and developing supporting documentation, local data management activities, preserving and sharing data through established repositories, etc.; and each category should include an amount and a brief explanation. More information about this is available here. The Center for Research and Scholarship will provide updates as more information is made available by NIH.

Recent School of Nursing Publications

Bernhofer, E. I. (2023). Attending to the moral experience of pain. Pain Management Nursing. Advance online publication. 

Combs, P., Duffy, E., & Modic, M. B. (2023). Promoting Type 1 diabetes self-care management in the hospital: Can it be done? Clinical Nurse Specialist, (37)6, 266-271.

Copley, D., Dolansky, M., Burchill, C., & Lindell, D. (2023) Second victim phenomenon educational program evaluation. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development. Advance online publication.

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Toly, V. B., Zauszniewski, J. A., Wang, M., Russell, K. N., Ross, K., & Musil, C. M. (in press). Efficacy of a resourcefulness intervention to enhance the physical and mental health of parents caring for technology-dependent children at home: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Pediatric Health Care

Wagner, M. A., Koleck, T. A., Conway, A., Bender, C. M., & Conley Y. P. (2023). Variability of DNA repair and oxidative stress genes associated with worst pain in breast cancer survivors on aromatase inhibitors. Genes, 14:2031.

Wagner, M. A., Smith, E. M. L., Ayyash, N., Toledo, J., Rasheed, Z., & Holden, J. E. (in press; available online). Effectiveness of duloxetine on oxaliplatin-induced allodynia and hyperalgesia in rats. Biological Research for Nursing.

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