U.S. News Releases 2023 Rankings for CWRU School of Nursing

Aerial photo of CWRU campus with Cleveland skyline in background

The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing saw mixed results in the 2023 U.S. News & World Reports annual rankings due in part to changes in methodology.

This year, FPB's rankings stand as:

  • 14th Master's of Nursing (MN) program
  • 20th Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • 6th DNP Administration Management
  • 7th DNP Nurse Practitioner: Adult Gerontology, Acute Care
  • 7th MN Nurse Practitioner: Adult Gerontology, Acute Care
  • 6th DNP Nurse Practitioner: Adult Gerontology, Primary Care
  • 8th DNP Nurse Practitioner: Family

As the CWRU Daily explained, the rankings this year caused heated debate about the value and validity of several U.S. News rankings, including law and medical schools. This year's rankings of graduate and professional schools were belatedly released.

Even without the full complement of lists, changes in methodology for several of the now-public ratings signal that some criticisms had landed. The publication consistently reduced the influence of qualitative measures—for example, other school leaders’ reputational assessments. In addition, it often lowered the impact of data related to incoming students—e.g., standardized test scores, grade point averages, and admissions selectivity— and instead, factors related to outcomes carried much greater weight.