FPB Nurses Week Photo Contest 2018 Winning Entries

Health Policy students posing for a picture after a  Cleveland Heights City Council meeting
Hanna Cash

Health Policy students attended the Cleveland Heights City Council meeting where they met the Cleveland Heights Mayor, nurse and FPB alum, Carol Roe.

 From left to right: Nan McLean, Sharon Fass, Alex Cowper, Mackenzie O'Brian, Ron Williams, Mike Benton, Misha Singh, Mayor Carol Roe, Annise Graham-Glicksman, Justin Kilduff, John Michaels, and Hanna Cash.

Picture of Pearl looking at her spilt coffee on the ground.
Pearl Choi

"A photo of me mourning the loss of my coffee after an exhausting OR clinical."

picture of students striking a pose in their scrubs with their instructor.
Mikayla Chouljian

From left to right: Mikayla Chouljian, Malayna Mason, Gillian Eames, Jen Manning, and Irena Kenneley

picture of students showing off their new stethoscopes.
Kaitlyn Ledford

"Excited about getting our colorful stethoscopes!"

Kaitlyn Ledford, Emma McNallie, Abby Bukovinszky, Kayla Miller, Eunice Park

picture of students posing with fun props during nurses week.
Jacqueline Yammine

"Happy Nurses day from Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi's Patient Education Team! We are all SUPER NURSES!"

Picture of Harley the dog dressed in a nurses uniform.
Honorable Mention: Megan Grudzinski

"Harley the service dog and honorary FPB nursing student!"