Information Technology

AV Equipment and Cart Requests

The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing’s Facilities Department handles most of our audio-visual equipment., such as:

  • Mic/speakers
  • Phones for conference calls

Technology-enhanced classrooms

Our Information Systems Department, though, is responsible for most computer-related AV equipment, including laptops, overhead and slide projectors and more.

Find out who to contact to reserve audiovisual equipment for your next event.

Greg Gustovic

Center for Nursing Education, Simulation, and Innovation

NOTE: You must bring media to copy your scanned items onto a CD, or USB key. You may also copy them to your H drive.

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC)

There are five level 1 and four level 2 technology enhanced classrooms that are owned by the University in our building.

Level 1 rooms are NOA 030/040/130/140/170. They include the following equipment:

  • Screen
  • Projector (mounted in the ceiling)
  • Control Panel and connecting cables
  • Audio (wall mounted speakers)

You must bring your own laptop, or order one via our AV request form.

Level 2 rooms are 31A/250/270/290. They include the following equipment:

  • Screen
  • Projector (mounted in the ceiling)
  • Projector Remote
  • PC computer with CDRW, USB and Internet connection
  • Laptop connector
  • Audio (wall mounted speakers)
  • Document Camera
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • VCR/DVD player
  • Touchpad Control panel
  • Campus Phone

For more information on TEC rooms across campus, please refer to Media Vision's website.

  • To reserve the room for an event, you should reserve through campus Room Control.
  • To reserve the room for a semester class, please contact Student Services at 216.368.2529.
  • To report problems with the rooms, please contact Media Vision at 216.368.3777.

Tech Support

For students:

University Help Desk

For faculty + staff:

FPB location:

Suite 219 (2nd Floor)
The Help Desk is
in Room 219H.

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