1. Every parker charged and fined has the right of appeal to LazParking.
  2. Appeals can be made at Written appeals shall be a written memorandum, letter, or appeal form accompanied by the citation and payment for the penalty. The fee for both handwritten and online appeals will be refunded by check via mail approximately 3-4 weeks after notification of appeal decision.
  3. Each appeal requires a full name, return address, and hangtag number (for permit holders) in order for the appeal to be processed. No oral appeals will be considered. A written response to the appeal will be sent to the name and address listed on the appeal within thirty (30) days after receipt of the appeal by the LazParking office. All online appeals will be sent a judgment decision to the email provided.
  4. Appeals will not be considered and will be discarded in the following circumstances:
    • Bond is not posted, or a permit holder did not include their permit number in lieu of bond.
    • The appeal is received by the Parking Management Company after the tenth (10th) calendar day after the date of violation.
    • The appeal is incomplete or illegible.
    • The parker has any outstanding citations on file. Weekends and legal holidays are counted in the above ten (10) calendar day limit.
  5. All appeal decisions are final. Refused appeals will incur a late fee (as stated on the citation) if the fine is not paid within ten (10) days from the date of violation.