1. Any person who is a member of the faculty or staff, or a student or employee of any institution participating in the parking program consents to the enforcement of parking fines or charges through payroll deduction, withholding of grades and transcripts, or such other measures as the institution prescribes.
  2. Vehicles meeting any of the below criteria may either have a wheel lock attached or be towed away and stored at the expense of the permit holder, owner, or driver. Permits may also be revoked, and further permits denied for such violations. Such criteria include:
    • The vehicle has two or more outstanding violations.
    • The vehicle impedes access or traffic.
    • The vehicle is parked in a fire lane or tow zone.
    • The vehicle is displaying a lost, stolen, altered, or counterfeit permit. (A $100 fine is charged in addition to a parking violation fine.)
    • The vehicle is parked by misuse of gate card.
    • The institutional property owner provides a written request for the vehicle to be removed.
  3. Impound fees are charged as posted and subject to change.
  4. An impounded vehicle may only be released to the registered owner or an authorized relative. Positive identification, with address of residence, must be shown.
  5. No checks are accepted for impounded vehicles. Accepted payment is by cash or Visa or Mastercard. Credit card payments are NOT accepted over the phone; they must be made in person at the LAZ parking office.
  6. If any impounded vehicle remains unclaimed for thirty (30) days, it shall be disposed of.
  7. Tampering with and removing wheel lock devices will result in criminal prosecution and forfeiture of all parking privileges.
  8. Any vehicle with a boot on for more than 7 days will be towed and stored in the impound lot at owner’s expense.
  9. Unpaid violations may be subject to being sent to collections.