Financial Well-being

Participating in a program to learn more about financial management (multi-week program, attending at least 85% of sessions over a minimum of 8 weeks) is necessary to be eligible for this incentive. You must complete an attestation form in HCM by Nov. 30 to earn the incentive.

Why is this Important?

Financial health is an important component of well-being. Research supports a link between financial savings and healthy lifestyle habits as well as an association between better health and less health care expense.  Taking an active role in managing finances is associated with less stress, increased feelings of security, and greater financial confidence.  Gallup studies have found that financial security has a more significant impact than does income alone on employee well-being.

Want to know more?

Financial Wellness On-Demand: Essential Knowledge for Managing Your Finances

With rising interest rates and the dramatic price increases for daily living expenses, it has never been more important to learn how to become more financially savvy. Karen W. Braun, CPA, PhD, and former Professor of Accountancy at WSOM, is offering 16 on-demand sessions on Financial Wellness. 

This program is open to any benefits-eligible faculty or staff member. Participants in CWRU's Wellness Program who view at least 7 of these sessions in 2023 will qualify for the Financial Well-Being program incentive, but employees are welcome and encouraged to view as many as they would like.

Recordings are posted here and will be sent out weekly to those who register for the on-demand series, which begins on Monday, February 13. While the recordings will be emailed each week to provide structure and reminders, participants can choose to view the videos whenever is convenient for them. 

Using Personal Budgets to Build Savings - Watch the recording here.

Investing I: The Nuts & Bolts - Watch the recording here.

Investing II: Investing Strategies - Watch the recording here.

Investing III: Fixed Income and Annuities - Watch the recording here.

What You Should Know About Social Security - Watch the recording here.

Retirement Savings: Planning for the Golden Years - Watch the recording here.

How to Protect and Improve Your Credit Score - Watch the recording here.

Managing Debt: The Good and the Bad - Watch the recording here.

Vehicle Debt: Lease or Buy? - Watch the recording here.

Housing Debt: Mortgages and Refinancing - Watch the recording here.

Credit Card Essentials - Watch the recording here.

Estate Planning Essentials - Watch the recording here.

Making Sense of Health Insurance - Watch the recording here.

Life and Disability Insurance - Watch the recording here.

Property, Causality, and Liability Insurance - Watch the recording here.

The Essentials of Individual Taxation - Watch the recording here.

Fiscally Fit

During this Summer 2022 series, our Vanguard and TIAA reps helped faculty and staff better prep for life's financial challenges. Be on the lookout for a new series in Summer 2023

Upcoming Finance Webinars

Our retirement partners at TIAA and Vanguard offer free webinars for all faculty and staff.

TIAA Webinars

To Register for TIAA webinars:

  1. Visit
  2. Under Guest Access click Register for Guest access
  3. Enter first name, last name, Email and a password of their choice
  4. You will be taken directly into the Live Webinar Lounge where you can register for the webinar and add it to their calendar

Vanguard Webinars

View a Vanguard webinar today!

Remember, these webinars are free to all faculty and staff, regardless of your retirement savings provider.

Upcoming Individual Counseling Sessions

Register for a one-on-one session with your rep. See upcoming dates for individual counseling with TIAA and Vanguard on the CWRU Benefits website.

Financial Well-being Resources

Our financial wellness instructor, Karen Braun, recommends these online resources for reputable financial information: