Financial Well-being

Participating in a multi-session program to learn more about financial management will meet the participation guidelines for this incentive. 

Why is this Important?

Financial health is an important component of well-being. Research supports a link between financial savings and healthy lifestyle habits as well as an association between better health and less health care expense.  Taking an active role in managing finances is associated with less stress, increased feelings of security, and greater financial confidence.  Gallup studies have found that financial security has a more significant impact than does income alone on employee well-being.

Want to know more?

Financial Wellness 101 

Financial stresses can negatively impact health and happiness. In Financial Wellness 101, faculty and staff will be given tools to make informed decisions about their money now and in the future.

1. Planting the seed:  Saving and the Time Value of Money - Watch the first class!
2. Investing: How to Make Your Money Grow - Watch the recording!
3. Retirement Savings:  Planning for the Golden Years - Watch the class!
4. How to Protect and Improve your Credit Score  - Watch the recording!
5. Managing Debt: The Good and the Bad - Watch the class!
6. Property, Casualty, and Liability Insurance - Take a look!
7. Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care Insurance - Review this Week's Class
8. Budgeting and Net Worth - Watch the final class!

Financial Wellness 101
Wednesdays at Noon
February 17 through April 7

Financial Wellness 201

Building on the foundations in Financial Wellness 101, this second eight week series offers insights into other areas of financial fitness like paying off debt and how social security works.

1. The Essentials of Individual Taxation - See the class recording!
2. What you Should Know about Social Security - Watch the recording!
3. Estate Planning Essentials - Take a look at the recording
4. Credit Card Essentials - Watch the recording!
5. Vehicle Debt:   Lease or buy? - Check out this session
6. Housing Debt: Mortgages and Refinancing - View this class
7. Strategies for Saving for College - Watch this session
8. Health Insurance and other Employee Benefits - Watch the recording

Financial Wellness 201
Thursdays at 12:20 PM
February 18 - April 8

Fiscally Fit

During this series, our Vanguard and TIAA reps as well as the CWRU HR Benefits team will help faculty and staff better prep for life's financial challenges. All topics are generalized enough so that TIAA participants can learn from the Vanguard rep and vice versa. 

  1. Healthy Numbers: Integrating Health Care into Your Retirement Plan
  2. Your CWRU Retirement Plans 
  3. Create Your Plan in A Volatile Market
  4. Is Roth Right for You
  5. Financial Freedom
  6. Common Estate Plan Considerations 
  7. Ohio's 529 Plan: Saving for the "Kids" 
  8. Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for your Ideal Retirement

Look for a new Fiscally Fit series in the summer of 2021.

Upcoming Finance Webinars

Our retirement partners at TIAA and Vanguard offer free webinars for all faculty and staff.

TIAA Webinars

To Register for TIAA webinars:

  1. Visit
  2. Under Guest Access click Register for Guest access
  3. Enter first name, last name, Email and a password of their choice
  4. You will be taken directly into the Live Webinar Lounge where you can register for the webinar and add it to their calendar

Vanguard Webinars

View a Vanguard webinar today!

Remember, these webinars are free to all faculty and staff, regardless of your retirement savings provider.


Upcoming Individual Counseling Sessions

Register for a one-on-one sessions with your rep. See 2020 dates for individual counseling with TIAA and Vanguard on the CWRU Benefits website.