Mission, Vision and Core Values

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The Office of Enterprise Applications & Data Management provides centralized reporting and analysis of student, administrative, research, and clinical data to support the mission of CWRU. The office is committed to high quality, trusted information and analysis through consultation, data cleansing and merging, and data analysis. Our mission is to increase availability of highly valuable university data, providing accurate insights and analysis for process improvement and decision support through self-service business intelligence tools.


To provide a “trusted single version of the truth” through the consolidation of data assets in the enterprise Data Lake and self-service business intelligence tools from which to base decisions. To champion analytics maturity at the institution, integrating advanced prescriptive and cognitive analytic modeling (i.e. machine learning) for decision support purposes.

We are successful when:

  • DMAV provides integrated, authoritative, accurate and insightful information about the institution.
  • DMAV is seen as an expert in data management and analytics and is engaged as a consulting partner for the lifecycle of data driven projects, decision support, and process improvement initiatives. 
  • DMAV is where business offices and leadership go to get impartial answers to complex questions dependent on data and analytics.
  • DMAV’s tools and support are integrated into the daily work of our internal stakeholders and business units.

Our Core Values

Our values, which guide us to achieve our mission, are:

Integrity – we exhibit high moral and ethical principles in our work.

Authenticity – we value diversity of culture and opinions through trust and respect.

Clarity – we build relationships through honesty, openness, and transparency. 

Teamwork – we foster an atmosphere of collaboration and acknowledge that our greatest achievements are a result of our combined efforts.

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