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The data portals below provide access points to university data presented in the Tableau analytics platform. Data-visualization are accessible from any browser and are interactive. Our mission is to combine university data from separate sources across the institution to one source, which will provide a single view of university information and provide a standardize way of communication. The individual portals correspond with environments that have been created to meet the needs of the university based on data security controls.


University Data Portal

The University Data Tableau server is the CWRU enterprise environment that meets most of the data needs at the university, which includes financial, FERPA, and personal identifying data.

Population - Internal

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Health Services Data Portal

The Health Services Tableau server is a HIPAA-aligned environment that meets the data needs of the University Health and Counseling Services on campus.

Population - Internal, restricted to Health Services (requires VPN or on-campus computer)

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School of Dental Medicine Data Portal

The School of Dental Medicine Tableau server was created and maintained based on HIPAA compliant needs of the school and external dental clinic.

Population - Internal, restricted to the School of Dental Medicine (requires VPN or on-campus computer)

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Public Dashboards

The Office of Institutional Research provides interactive dashboards for the public.

Population - Public

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