Google Workspace Storage Cap


Google is ending unlimited storage in Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos) in July 2024. In anticipation of this, starting November 2, 2022, UTech placed a cap on Google Workspace storage to 100 GB per user.

Individuals who were using more than 100 GB on November 2 were temporarily given a cap at least 10% above their current storage in Gmail, Google My Drive and Photos so their work was not impacted. Files in Shared Drives are not counted against these user caps but have separate limits. See our Shared Drives FAQ for more details.

Accounts that subsequently exceed the initial cap that has been applied will have access to all Google services and retain all of their data. However, they will be blocked from uploading more documents to Google Drive and any documents they have shared with others will become read-only until their storage falls below the cap applied to their account.

Update June 29, 2023: The deadline to get under the 100 GB quota to is extended to July 11, 2023. If you do not reduce your storage to under 100 GB by July 11, 2023, your Google account will be blocked from uploading more documents to Google Drive and any documents you have shared with others will become read-only. However, you will still have access to all of your documents and your email will function normally.

What to Do?

  1. Start by checking your amount of storage in Google My Drive, Photos and Gmail and Shared Drives and deleting large files you no longer need.
  2. If your Google storage is still over the limits, explore other cloud storage options and follow UTech’s guide to selecting the best storage for your data.
  3. Once you have identified a new location for your data, find the best option for migrating or downloading your data.
  4. If you still have questions, schedule a storage consultation through the UTech Service Desk by emailing, calling 216-368-HELP (4357) or visiting to discuss topics such as:
    1. The best place for your data, such as different cloud storage options, other UTech storage solutions, local devices, etc.
    2. The best way to migrate your data, including the possibility of having UTech migrate your data to Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint
    3. If you are a faculty or staff member interested in purchasing additional storage in Google Workspace rather than moving or deleting your data, find out more at UTech's Google Workspace purchasing request form.