Harkness Chapel Rates and Fees

View the following guidelines and more in the Harkness Chapel Rules for Use.

  • A student is defined as a current Case Western Reserve University network ID holder who attends CWRU or CIM.
  • Reservations must be received 3 business days in advance (not including Sat/Sun).
  • Cancellations must be received 7 business days prior to an event.
  • Student recitals are booked in 3-hour blocks (includes set up/tear down). Students can request any on the pre-populated calendar dates.
  • Concerts are booked in 3-hour blocks with an additional 30-minutes of time on either end (please indicate set-up/tear-down time on request).
  • Recital/concert fees include a single dress rehearsal with the performance (schedule permitting).
  • Recording sessions and dress rehearsals are booked in 3-hour blocks.
  • Harkness Classroom will serve as a backstage area during performances.
  • All events require a Student Operations Staff Member (charged separately).
  • Reception: Permit paperwork is required and additional facilities/custodial services are provided (minimum fee of $140). Absolutely no alcohol permitted. Harkness Classroom and foyer will serve as the reception area.
  • Payments for CWRU Departments can be charged to a speedtype. All other payments can be made by check (written out to Case Western Reserve University or CWRU).
  • Questions: Please email music@case.edu.
Standard Facility Use Rates Fee
CWRU Department of Music students, faculty, lecturers No Charge (if free event)
CWRU Dept. of Music faculty, lecturers, or alumni within 3 years of graduation $300.00 (if tickets sold)
No charge (if free event)
CIM student recitals $125.00 per recital
CIM ensemble or faculty recitals $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
Recording session (excluding audio fees) , studio rehearsal, lecture, masterclass, dress rehearsal, etc. $125.00 / 3 hours
$50.00 each additional hour
CWRU College of Arts and Sciences departments $125.00 / 3 hours
$50.00 each additional hour
Other CWRU Departments (outside of CAS) $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
CWRU University-recognized student organizations or Greek Chapters free (once per semester)
$125.00 each additional event
Cleveland Orchestra Member recitals or ensembles $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
CIM Faculty sponsored event or group comprised of less than all CIM faculty members $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
Memorial Services (CWRU affiliation) $400.00
Outside events (department approval required) $500.00
Tuning: piano or harpsichord $150.00
Department of Music Ensembles (department approval required) tuning fee waived
Student Operations Staff (required for each event) $15.00 / hour
Harkness Classroom Fees (3 hours max)
CWRU Dept. of Music students, faculty, lecturers No Charge (if free event)
CWRU Dept. of Music alumni and other CWRU departments or students $50.00
CIM students and faculty $75.00
Outside organizations $100.00
Fees are subject to change.