Harkness Chapel Rates and Fees

View the responsible party disclaimer and policies in the Harkness Chapel Rules for Use

Payments from CWRU departments/units can be charged to a Speedtype. External individuals or groups can make payments via PayPal after receiving an invoice from the music office.

Standard Facility Use Rates Fee
CWRU Department of Music student recitals No Charge (if free event)
CWRU Department of Music faculty, lecturers, or alumni within 3 years of graduation $300.00 (if tickets sold)
No charge (if free event)
CWRU University-Recognized Student Organizations or Greek Chapters $100.00 (3 hours)
CIM student recitals $150.00 per recital (3 hours)
CIM Ensemble or Faculty Recitals $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
Recording session (single full session), studio rehearsal, lecture, masterclass, dress rehearsal, etc. Excludes audio services fees $150.00 per session (3 hours)
$50.00 each additional hour
required on weekends
Recording session (single half session), studio rehearsal, lecture, masterclass, dress rehearsal, etc. Excludes audio services fees $75.00 per half session (1.5 hours)
weekdays only
CWRU College of Arts and Sciences Departments $150.00 (3 hours)
$50.00 each additional hour
Other CWRU Departments (outside of CAS) $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
Cleveland Orchestra Member Recitals or Ensembles $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
CWRU/CIM sponsored event or group comprised of less than all CWRU/CIM affiliates (department approval required) $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
External Events (department approval required) $400.00
Tuning: piano or harpsichord (required May-August events) $150.00
Student Operations Staff  $15.00 / hour (per student)
Harkness Classroom Fees (3 hours)
CWRU Dept. of Music students, faculty, lecturers No Charge (if free event)
CWRU Dept. of Music alumni and other CWRU departments or students $50.00
CIM students and faculty $75.00
External groups $100.00
Fees are subject to change.