Harkness Chapel Rates and Fees

View the following guidelines and more in the Harkness Chapel Rules for Use.

  • A student is defined as a current Network ID holder who attends CWRU or CIM.
  • Reservations must be received by 4 PM at least 3 business days in advance.
  • Cancellations must be made 7 days from your reservation confirmation (24-hrs when booking within the 3-day window). Failure to do so will result in a full charge of rental fees.
  • Concerts and Special Events are booked with additional time on either end for set-up/tear-down (not exceeding 4-hours).
  • Student Recitals are booked in pre-determined 3-hour blocks (includes set up/tear down): 12-3 PM (1 PM start), 3-6 PM (4 PM start), 6-9 PM (7 PM start). 
  • Recital/concert fees include a single 2-hour dress rehearsal with the performance (schedule permitting).
  • Recording Sessions are booked in 3-hour blocks (includes set up/tear down): 12-3 PM, 3-6 PM, 6-9 PM. Additional time can be booked for a fee of $25 per hour for a single session. Half sessions (1.5-hour blocks) are available on weekdays only.
  • Harkness Classroom will serve as a backstage area during performances and recording sessions.
  • All external events require a Student Operations Staff Member (charged separately).
  • Receptions: Permit paperwork for additional custodial services is required (minimum fee of $140). No food or beverage is allowed in the main performance hall and absolutely no alcohol is permitted. Harkness Classroom and foyer will serve as the reception area.
  • Payments from CWRU Departments can be charged to a Speedtype. All other payments can be made by PayPal after the invoice is received.
  • Recording Services: (optional) Harkness Chapel Recording Services Request
  • Weddings: Visit the Harkness Chapel Weddings page
  • Questions: Please email music+facilities@case.edu.
Standard Facility Use Rates Fee
CWRU Department of Music student recitals No Charge (if free event)
CWRU Department of Music faculty, lecturers, or alumni within 3 years of graduation $300.00 (if tickets sold)
No charge (if free event)
CIM student recitals $125.00 per recital (3 hours)
CIM ensemble or faculty recitals $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
Recording session (single full session), studio rehearsal, lecture, masterclass, dress rehearsal, etc. Excludes audio fees: see above for recording services. $125.00 per session (3 hours)
$25.00 each additional hour
required on weekends
Recording session (single half session), studio rehearsal, lecture, masterclass, dress rehearsal, etc. Excludes audio fees: see above for recording services. $65.00 per half session (1.5 hours) on weekdays only
CWRU College of Arts and Sciences departments $125.00 (3 hours)
$25.00 each additional hour
Other CWRU Departments (outside of CAS) $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
CWRU university-recognized student organizations or Greek Chapters free (once per semester)
$125.00 each additional event
Cleveland Orchestra Member recitals or ensembles $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
CIM Faculty sponsored event or group comprised of less than all CIM faculty members $300.00 (if tickets sold)
$150.00 (if free event)
Memorial Services  $500.00
Outside Events (department approval required) $500.00
Non-Profit Events (department approval required) $375.00
Tuning: piano or harpsichord $150.00
Department of Music Ensembles  tuning fee waived
Student Operations Staff  $15.00 / hour (per student)
Harkness Classroom Fees (3 hours)
CWRU Dept. of Music students, faculty, lecturers No Charge (if free event)
CWRU Dept. of Music alumni and other CWRU departments or students $50.00
CIM students and faculty $75.00
Outside organizations $100.00
Fees are subject to change.