Harkness Chapel Rules for Use

This space is intended for events, ensemble performances, student recitals, dress rehearsals, recording sessions, as well as academic classes. It is not intended to support individual practice, lessons, or other unrelated activities. The last 2 weeks of each semester are typically held for CWRU Music events. 

Campus COVID-19 Protocols and Operational Plans

An external event that may include 50 or more people requires a plan for review and approval by the university's COVID-19 operations group. As a first step, your Harkness Chapel Reservation Request will be reviewed by our department chair. 

Individuals attending Case Western Reserve events are expected to be fully vaccinated, including boosters if eligible. Masks are not required at this time, but we respect the choices of those who elect to wear them. University leaders continue to monitor pandemic developments and will adjust health protocols as circumstances warrant. Learn more about CWRU's COVID-19 response.

Responsible Party

The responsible party listed on the Harkness Chapel Reservation Request agrees to adhere to the Harkness Chapel Rules for Use and General Housekeeping Rules. This historic and valuable building should be treated with the utmost respect. Disregarding regulations and any resulting damages will be billed to the person who made the reservation. Furthermore, the individual/group may not be permitted to use Harkness Chapel in the future. All student event staff have gone through training; regard for their authority is expected. Event staff will remain on-site during the event.

[External Groups/Individuals] Checking the box on the Harkness Chapel Reservation Request signifies that the individual/group has read the usage guidelines outlined below and agrees to be the responsible party. 

Harkness Chapel Policies

  • A student is defined as a current Case Western Reserve University network ID holder who attends CWRU or CIM.
  • Reservations must be received by 4 PM no less than 3 business days in advance. 
  • Cancellations must be made 7 days from your reservation confirmation (24-hrs when booking within the 3-day window). If you fail to do so you will be charged the full rental fee.
  • An event/activity is confirmed once a formal notification is received from the Department of Music.
  • Student recitals are booked in 3-hour blocks (includes set up/tear down): 12-3 PM (1 PM start), 3-6 PM (4 PM start), 6-9 PM (7 PM start).
  • Concerts are booked in 3-hour blocks with additional time on either end (please indicate set-up/tear-down time on request).
  • Recital/concert fees include a single dress rehearsal with the performance (schedule permitting).
  • Recording sessions and dress rehearsals are booked in 3-hour blocks.
  • Harkness Classroom will serve as a backstage area during performances.
  • All events require Student Operations Staff. 
  • Payments from CWRU Departments can be charged to a Speedtype. All other payments can be made by check (written out to Case Western Reserve University or CWRU).
  • Receptions are permitted in the foyer area with prior approval from the Dept. of Music. Permit paperwork is required and additional facilities/custodial services are provided. No receptions are permitted during the 2021-22 academic year.
  • Send an email to music+facilities@case.edu if the event requires additional facilities support services for a reception. 
  • Absolutely no alcohol permitted.
  • Absolutely no food or beverages are permitted in the main Chapel area. Water bottles with lids are acceptable.
  • Space is not available for storing equipment prior to or during an event.
  • The Chapel is not available for special setup (i.e. equipment or decorations that require construction in the building or on its property, use of ladders, etc.).
  • No outdoor setup of any kind (i.e. tables, tents, booths, etc.) may be placed on Chapel grounds.
  • All items must be removed at the end of the event (i.e. programs, flowers, aisle runners, equipment, decorations, etc.). Additional materials should be disposed of in the waste receptacles.
  • CWRU is not responsible for any items left behind or stolen.
  • The Department of Music must be advised in advance of any rented equipment supplied by outside vendors. 
  • During the academic year, recording services can be requested by submitting the Harkness Recording Services Request. External AV Services can be arranged directly through Enharmonic Records or MediaVision | [U]Tech.
  • CWRU/CIM faculty, staff, and students can loan AV equipment and personal recorders from The Core Computer Lab (HYDN 16). Email Ken Wendt in advance at <musictech@case.edu>.
  • Do not place anything on top of the keyboard instruments.
  • The piano is available for use by professional musicians. The harpsichord and organ are not to be touched and cannot be removed from the stage.
  • Be very careful when moving the piano. Make sure it is locked with the cover put back on when done.
  • Tossing/dropping rice, birdseed, confetti, or flower petals are not permitted. Bubbles are permitted.
  • No candles permitted
  • Tape, nails, staples, glue cannot be used on any surface (walls, floors, woodwork, glass, bronze, stone, etc.).
  • Electrical outlets are limited in number, please plan in advance. Two are located on the stage and one is located along the wall where the chairs/stands are stacked.
  • Please assist with securing the windows/doors and turning off the lights before leaving.
  • Please put all stands and chairs back on the racks before leaving.
  • No pets or animals permitted in the Chapel or on CWRU property.

Before you leave:

  • Return instruments to the original location.
  • DO NOT leave keyboard instruments over the stage air vents.
  • Lock and cover the piano. Return it to stage right and parallel to the wall (do not block backstage door).
  • Neatly rack music stands/chairs and return them to the side vestibule.
  • Dispose of all trash in the proper receptacles. Food waste should be cleaned up. Check both the lobby and audience areas.
  • Classroom (if used): dispose of all trash and return desks or chairs to their original location.
  • Turn off all the lights.
  • Shut and lock all the doors and windows.

*Failure to adhere to these policies will result in additional damage charges. 

Additional Information:

  • Aisle length = 50 feet
  • Capacity = 400 guests (see COVID-19 protocols)
  • Equipment: Chairs = approx. 60 | Stands = approx. 50
  • Instruments: Steinway grand piano 
  • Wedding parties will be on stage

The Department of Music will notify Public Safety/Campus Security about the opening and closing times for an event. Student Operations Staff are also assigned and required for all events. They assist with doors, piano access, lights, basic stage setup, guests, but they are not expected to help with managing the event.

In case of an emergency: 

In case of an emergency contact Public Saftey/CWRU Police. In case of a facilities issue, please call the Customer Service Center.

  • Emergency line 216.368.3333
  • Non-emergency line 216.368.3300