Houston MSA Students Participate in Block Walk for Dr. Anna Allred

Houston MSA students participate in Block Walk for Dr. Anna Allred

Living in Texas offers many benefits, but AA licensure is, unfortunately, not one of them. As future anesthesiologist assistants, it is very important for us to be involved in local state politics, especially if we ever want to pass a licensure bill in Texas. One of our State Representatives (and anesthesiologist), Dr. John Zerwas, has decided to retire after a 15 year reign, which brings us to a special election on November 5! Dr. Anna Allred, also a local physician anesthesiologist, has decided to throw her hat in the race for State Representative for District 28, located in the Katy, Texas area. She has never held political office herself, but has felt a strong desire to serve in her local community. She has been a long-time supporter of anesthesiologist assistants and the “care team” model, attending TSA Day at the Capital, as well as events at the federal level to advocate for TSA interests. In our attempt to support her, a group of first and second year AA students from Case Western Reserve University joined in one of Dr. Allred’s block walks. Block walks are a wonderful way to reach constituents face-to-face, and help spread the word about Dr. Allred’s campaign efforts. This was a great way to not only help out in the campaign, but also a way for our first and second year students to bond more, outside of classroom and clinicals.