Virtual Counseling Now Available to CWRU MSA Students

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The Case Western Reserve University Master of Science in Anesthesia Program is a twenty-four month graduate program that immerses students in classroom instruction, simulation, and hands-on clinical training. Over the course of two years, each student is required to log at least 2000 clinical training hours along with their classroom instruction—and many CWRU MSA students exceed that requirement with graduates averaging closer to 2100 clinical hours. The workload is demanding, and, like many clinical programs, stress is not uncommon.

In an effort to help MSA students better manage this workload, the MSA Program is pleased to offer a new virtual counseling service to all current students in Cleveland, Houston, and Washington. Known as IMPACT Student Life Assistance Program, the program will offer a number of resources to promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

What is IMPACT Solutions?

Founded in 1981 by Dr. Joel R. Gecht, IMPACT Solutions is a behavioral healthcare consulting firm offering professional support and comprehensive resources. Through this partnership, students will have access to professional support on the phone or via videoconferencing. Students can receive up to three counseling sessions per issue, with no cap on the number of issues. Counselors can also recommend continued services according to the student’s health insurance that are in-network and local so that each student can continue counseling if he or she so choose.

In addition to this service, students will also have access to a comprehensive mobile friendly web-based portal with articles, webinars, resources, referral locators, and other valuable tools. The program includes resources for financial services, legal assistance, relocation and referral services, wellness, and more. Students can have personal questions answered and can consult with a specialist to learn about financial management, debt reduction, and budgeting—all skills that will be particularly helpful as students near graduation and start to think about their transition from school to the workforce.

Counselors are available 24/7 to provide live, immediate in-the-moment support and guidance. Students can access the program any time, no matter where they are training. Graduating students will have access to the program for up to 90 days following commencement.

The CWRU MSA Program is delighted to make this product available to all current students in addition to those local services available in Cleveland, Houston, and Washington. Both CWRU MSA and IMPACT Solutions are dedicated to ensuring students can be successful in their academic, clinical, and personal lives.

Case Western Reserve University also offers an employee assistance program through IMPACT solutions to full-time faculty and staff. For more information on employee benefits, click here.