2021 Class of Distinguished Physician

UH Distinguished Physician Class
A class of UH physicians designated as Distinguished Physicians is in recognition of their exceptional clinical skills and dedication to patient care. These physicians and surgeons are widely considered to serve as the top role models and mentors in the training of the next generation, including medical students, residents and fellows. Nominated by their department chairs and senior colleagues, these special clinicians are often referred to as “doctors of doctors,” providing such extraordinary care that their colleagues turn to them to care for their loved ones and themselves. These physicians set standards for quality, safety and patient experience, incorporating evidence-based guidelines to prevent and treat disease utilizing the latest technological advances along with the highest touch compassionate and personalized care.

This UH distinction is defined by the criteria: 

  1. Physicians who distinguish themselves by an unusual depth of knowledge in their field, a proven ability to provide compassionate, appropriate, and effective care to all patients, a willingness to acquire and share new knowledge, outstanding interpersonal skills and communication skills, a commitment to professionalism, and a track record for teaching and inspiring students, residents and fellows.
  2. Physicians recognized informally within the walls of their institutions by colleagues, learners and patients, who are frequently asked to care for other faculty and family members of their medical community.
  3. Physicians often emulated by medical students, residents and fellows who find these clinicians to be emblematic of the reasons why they chose medicine.
  4. Physicians with large referral practices who devote a substantial portion of their time to the practice of medicine, and frequently teach at the bedside and in the clinic.
  5. Physicians who demonstrate cultural competency and awareness through compassionate care.
  6. Opinion leaders who set standards for quality, improvements in patient care practices, and technologic advances, and who take pride in offering their patients treatment based on epidemiologic and translational research, and in sharing information with learners.

Department of Pathology Faculty in the 2021 Distinguished Physician Class:

Clifford V. Harding, MD, PhD

Gregory T. MacLennan, MD

Navid Sadri, MD, PhD


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