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Does your company/organization produce, market, sell, re-sell, or distribute healthcare products used by or on patients?
Accredited Continuing Education Standards
Per the Accredited Continuing Education Standards for Integrity and Independence:
  • Control of Content & Selection of Presenters & Moderators. The Approved Provider is responsible for control of content and selection of presenters, moderators, and anyone in a position to control the content of the activity. The decision of the Approved Provider will be final. The Approved Provider is not required to seek or accept advice or services from the Ineligible Company.
  • Acknowledgment of Commercial Support: The Approved Provider will acknowledge commercial support, either direct or “in-kind,” from the Ineligible Company in program announcements, syllabi, or other activity materials to ensure compliance with the Standards.
  • Exhibits and Ancillary Promotional Activities: Promotional and educational activities will be separate. Exhibits will be permitted in space authorized by the Approved Provider for that purpose. Marketing, exhibits, and nonaccredited education developed by or with influence from an ineligible company or with planners or faculty with unmitigated financial relationships must not occur in the educational space within 30 minutes before or after an approved education activity. Activities that are part of the event but are not accredited for continuing education must be clearly labeled and communicated as such.
Submitting this form indicates willingness to abide by the standards as outlined above.
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