Esther I. Bernhofer, PhD, MA, RN, PMGT-BC

Associate Professor
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Teaching Information

Teaching Interests

  • Management of  acute and chronic pain
  • Ethics
  • Qualitative methodology
  • Theory
  • Evidence-based practice

Research Information

Research Interests

  • Values-based pain management
  • Pain management education
  • Bioethics
  • Development and psychometric testing of knowledge tests and survey instruments
  • Concept analysis and theory development

Awards and Honors

Distinguished Nurse of the Year Award Nominee
March of Dimes (Ohio)
Research Poster of the Year
American Society for Pain Management Nursing (ASPMN)
Faces of Care Award - Nursing Research
Cleveland Clinic
Nancy M. Albert Excellence in Nursing Research Award
American Society for Pain Management Nursing (ASPMN) Clinical Practice
Nurses Educational Funds Scholarship for Doctoral Studies


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Doctor of Philosophy
Case Western Reserve University
Master of Arts
The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University of Akron