Department Directory

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(departments and titles listed below are subject to change)

Staff members are found at both the Health Education Campus (Euclid Ave. location) and the Health Research Campus (Cornell Ave. location). Office numbers are marked to indicate either HEC or HRC location, respectively.

Name Department and Title Phone Office Email

Office of the Dean

Carol M. Musil Dean 368.2545 HEC 471E
Trifene Thomas Executive Aide 368.2544 HEC 161B
Maureen Kendel Manager of Faculty Affairs and Special Projects 368.2541 HEC 471H
Cookie Shade Receptionist 368.4700 HEC 161

Internal Communications

Matt Merchant Internal Communications Manager, University Marketing & Communications 368.6344 HEC 471P

Institutional Research

Betty Napoleon Institutional Researcher 368.0340 HEC 451A

Academic Programs

Diana Morris Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 368.6472 HEC 471U
Pamela Collins Accreditation Coordinator 368.5242 HEC 459R

BSN Program

Beverly Capper Director 368.8896 HEC 443V
Carli Carnish Assistant Director 368.1870 HEC 443V

Mary deHaan Assistant Director 368.6554 HEC 443Q
Meghan Haas Program Assistant 368.8839 HEC 441E
Kara Bane Assistant Clinical Placement Coordinator      

MSN Program (APRN)

Latina Brooks Director 368.1196 HEC 239L
Colleen Fitzpatrick Program Assistant 368.8532 HEC 241H
Danielle Savage MSN Clinical Preceptor Coordinator

Lead Faculty for APRN Majors

Chris Winkelman Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 368.0700 HEC 451J
Evelyn Duffy Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP 368.5485 HEC 231D
Carol Savrin Family Nurse Practitioner 368.5304 HEC 451D
Susan Painter Family Systems Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 368.4979 HEC 463C
Sarah Gutin Barsman Neonatal Nurse Practitioner      
Leslie Stroud Nurse-Midwifery Program 368.5815 HEC 459P
Kristina Banks Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program 368.1906 HEC 443P
Mary Franklin Women's Health NP Program 368.3198 HEC 459M

MN Program

Nate Schreiner Director 368.8629 HEC 443X  
Debra Basar Department Assistant 368.8858 HEC 441D

DNP Program

Latina Brooks Director 368.1196 HEC 239L
Vrere Bunkley, MSW, MSPOD Program Assistant 368.1907 HEC 241J
Sonya Moore Nurse Anesthesia Program (FPB) 368.5999 HEC 239A
Angela Milosh Nurse Anesthesia Program (CCF) 444.6547 HEC 231B
Kasey Massengale Nurse Anesthesia Program Assistant 368.6459 HEC 241K

PhD Program

Joachim Voss Director 368.5979 HEC 233G
Atreya McCall Department Assistant 368.6334 HEC 231Q

Continuing Education Program

Lucinda Cave Coordinator

Finance and Administration

Ivy Ko Associate Dean of Finance and Administration 368.6428 HEC 471S
Margaux Frances Director of Human Resources and Administrative Operations 368.1665 HEC 471M
Christian Savage Director of Finance 368.8857 HEC 471B
George Umbarger Procurement Specialist 368.6331 HEC 471J
Erin Violette Assistant Director of Fiscal Operations 368.3682 HEC 471N

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Camille Warner Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion 368.8701 HEC 469F

Information Services

Caron Peoples Director 368.1873 NRB226N
Robert Kosec Application Programmer 368.6997
Computer Help Desk   368.6322

Recruitment & Enrollment Management

Kristi Lehmer Director of Recruitment and Enrollment 368.1794 HEC 161B8
Molly Mawby Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist 368.5331 HEC 161B6
Kennedy Clyde Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist 368.5981 HEC 161B7
Yakelin (Jackie) Tepale Admission Coordinator, Graduate Programs 368.5253 HEC 161B1

Office of Student Services

Dedra Hanna Adams Director of Financial Aid 368.0517 HEC 443B
Christine Borkan Registrar 368.2183 HEC 443A

Center for Nursing Education, Simulation, and Innovation and The Dorothy Ebersbach Academic Center for Flight Nursing Education

Amy Lower Director 368.8593 HEC 469G
Thomas Baum Simulation Manager

Director of Flight Simulation Operations & Programming
368.0567 HEC 269B  
David Kaniecki Director, Flight Education 368.2479 HEC 463B
Andrew Reimer Director, Flight Research 368.7570 HEC 459A
Jamie Janos Simulation Operations Specialist
Dan Gerber Simulation Operations Specialist   HEC 269A
Angelica Damron Flight Simulation Specialist
Lisa "Elle" Ward Department Assistant   HEC 269A

Alumni Relations and Development

Keith Koppmeier Associate Dean of Alumni Relations and Development 368.6703 HEC 471T 
Brigid Mercer Senior Director, Development 368.6324 HEC 469D
Nancy Hovan Director of Development 368.6886 HEC 469E
Susan Garcia Assistant Director, Alumni Relations 368.1791 HEC 471A
Margaret Casey Development Manager 368.1869 HEC 469C
Sara Schoonmaker Assistant Director of FPB Fund, Special Giving and Stewardship 368.4416 HEC 469B

International Programs

Mary Quinn Griffin Associate Dean for Global Affairs 368.1920 HEC 451L
Tomoko Sippel Manager of International Nursing Programs 368.5356 HEC 161 B2

Sarah Cole Hirsh Institute for Best Nursing Practices Based on Evidence

Mary Dolansky Director  368.0568

HEC 359M


University Center on Aging and Health

Diana Morris Director 368.6472  HEC 471U
Evelyn Duffy Associate Director 368.5485 HEC 231D
Elizabeth E. O'Toole Associate Director

Center for Research and Scholarship

Ronald L. Hickman, Jr. Associate Dean for Research 368.2147

HEC 463L

Tanya Smith Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research 368.6315 HEC 461G
Richard Cole Assistant Dean for Research Administration 368.6990 HEC 231V
Danielle Cunningham Grants Specialist 368.3176 HEC233F
Ciara Utz Grants Specialist 368.0480 HEC 233F1
Matthew McManus Editor 368.0466 HEC 231M

Molecular Biomarker Core

Grant O'Connell Director 368.0850 HEC 463F

Research Staff

Naji Ayyash Research Assistant      
Eric Blackstone Research Associate 368.0349 NRB322C

Patricia Brandt Research Assistant 368.4356 NRB335B
Patricia Burant Project Manager 368.0247 NRB230C
Sharon Cohen Project Manager 368.3222 NRB304F
Kari Colon-Zimmerman Research Assistant 368.8774 NRB318E
Brian Crick Research Computer Programmer 368.6277 NRB332O
Deepesh Duwadi Research Assistant   NRB215A
Jennifer Frame Research Assistant 368.5985 NRB335B
Joshua Gerlick Research Associate   HEC 359G
Alexandra Jeanblanc Research Associate 368.8852 NRB207O
Catherine Larsen Research Assistant 368.3156 NRB318A
Kyung mi Lee Research Assistant
Mary Leuchtag Research Associate 368.4417
Tonya Merchant Research Assistant 368.4808
Rebecca Mitchell Research Associate 368.0247
Barbara Molter Research Assistant 368.4935
Ann Marie Papik Research Assistant 368.0019 NRB335D
Sumin Park Research Assistant 368.5355 NRB329O
IIona Seaman Data Analyst/Manager
Maria Stoll Research Assistant   Wood W-149
Laniece Thomas Research Assistant   HRC 203D
Jing Wang Research Associate 368.6489 NRB100