Student Spotlight: David Kim Koh

Hispanic Heritage Month 2022
BSN student David Kim Koh sits on a bench holding his backback while smiling

National Hispanic Heritage Month takes place each year from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. In honor of the month, we are highlighting members of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing community who are of Hispanic heritage to shed light on their experiences at the school and learn how they like to celebrate their heritage.

David Kim Koh feels a sort of kinship with music artist Bad Bunny.

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Kim Koh experienced firsthand the feeling of marginalization and what real need looks like. He understands the dedication it takes to become more than your circumstances just as the Latin music star has done.

Kim Koh, a first-year student in the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, also knows what the world looks like from those in need and is dedicated to doing good in the world through service to others.

“Coming from a place like Guatemala I realize how many people in the world are in significant need and that has fueled my passion for service,” he said. “Witnessing those needs, along with my interest in health science, led me to choose nursing as my career path. I see those same values here at Case Western Reserve University and the nursing school.”

Embracing His Roots

For Kim Koh, Hispanic Heritage Month is the best time of year in Ohio. It’s an opportunity to share his story openly, talk about his upbringing and share his pride.

He openly embraces his identity here at Case Western Reserve University. As someone with both Hispanic and Asian heritage, he celebrates his roots by sharing details of his life—like his love of tacos al pastor and Bad Bunny—with others.

“My upbringing has shaped me to be very friendly, talkative, approachable and welcoming,” Kim Koh said, noting both are qualities he brings to the nursing profession. “The concept of help has fascinated me since I was a kid, and service has been something I’ve always been passionate about.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Kim Koh invites others to share in his passions for service and learning from others.

“If you ever want to learn Spanish, learn about Hispanic culture or heritage, or just chill somewhere on campus, hit me up. I don’t bite,” he said.

Student Spotlight: David Kim Koh