Dual Doctorate Sample Program Plan

Sample Program Plan

Students enrolling in the combined DNP/PhD in nursing program will complete coursework in a side-by-side fashion, whereby courses in both program will be taken concurrently. An overlap of 11 credits will be allowed.

A sample program plan for students enrolled in courses during the academic year appears below; the program would take a minimum of five years to complete. However, the joint degree program may be completed in less time if DNP courses are taken during the summer months.

Sample DNP - PhD Program Plan (Academic Year Only)

Fall - 1st Year Spring - 1st Year
NURS 504: Nursing Knowledge Development (3) NURS 533: Data Science (3)
NURS 530: Research Methods (3) NURS 531: Research Methods II (3)
NURS 532 or NUND 450: Applied Statistics (3) NUND 506: Leadership in Organizations and Systems
Fall - 2nd Year Spring - 2nd Year
NUND 504: Theories for Practice and Scholarship (3) NURS 518: Qualitative Research in Health Care (3)
NURS 609 or NUND 508: Health Care Policy (3) NUND 540: Practice Focused Inquiry I (3)
NURS 630: Linear Models (3) NURS 631: Multivariate Analysis
Fall - 3rd Year Spring - 3rd Year
NUND 510:Applications of Health Information Technology and Systems (1) NUND 509: Foundations of Leadership in Nursing Education (3) or
NUND 507: Business Concepts in Advanced Nursing Practice Leadership (3)
NUND 610: Translating Evidence Into Nursing Practice (3) NUND 609: Systems Leadership in Educational Practice (2) or
NUND 607: Advanced Leadership in Healthcare (2)
NURS 615: Topical Seminar (3) or Elective (3) NURS 615: Topical Seminar (3) or Elective (3)
Fall - 4th Year Spring - 4th Year
NURS 671: Proposal Development (3) NUND 620: DNP Project Implementation (2)
  NUND 611: DNP Practicum (2)
Fall - 5th Year Spring - 5th Year
NURS 701: Dissertation (9) NURS 701: Dissertation (9)

There is an overlap of 11 credits as follows:

  1. Completing the PhD statistics course sequence can be used to replace the need for the DNP applied statistics course = 3 credits
  2. Completing the PhD Research Methods I and II can be used to replace the need for the DNP Research Principles and Methods = 3 credits
  3. Students may take PhD or DNP Health Policy course = 3 credits
  4. Taking the PhD Proposal Development course can be used to replace the DNP Proposal Development course = 2 credits.