Study Abroad for BSN + Graduate Students

guatemala 2014

Study Abroad for Undergraduates

There are possibilities for student experiences abroad, depending on your interests, focus, and required courses. In the past few years, students have gone to such countries and regions as Thailand, Chile, St. Lucia, Scotland, Denmark, and Uganda, among others. Learn more about Study Abroad programs through the University. 

3-Credit Study Abroad: Transformative Global Experiences

Now accepting applications for the popular short-term study abroad courses during Spring Break and Spring (May Abroad) featuring:

Poland, Guatemala, The Netherlands, and South Africa.

Open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Case Western Reserve University (any major), the Mandel School’s short-term study abroad programs travel to nearly every continent on earth and offers 3-credit courses that provide the experience of a lifetime. The trips are led by experienced faculty who have been traveling to these countries for nearly a decade. One-third of all CWRU short-term study abroad programs are offered by the Mandel School.

For more details or to apply, contact Valerie Rambin or visit

Guatemala (MSN only)

This experience is only for MSN students. FPB collaborates with Refuge International on this project. Our MSN students go with Refuge International to Guatemala to help in a remote area where there is no access to healthcare. Because of the number of students participating we have two groups going in 2014: one in August and one in October. Our students are accompanied by a preceptor and they see between 900 and 1,200 patients during one week. This experience has been very popular. Acceptance is based on qualifications, recommendation from the MSN program director and when the application is made.

Please contact Samira Hussney, Director of International Health Programs, for more information.