Learning Spaces

Collage displaying the different learning spaces the Center has to offer.

Perioperative Center

This center is utilized by our BSN students and Nurse Anesthesia Students and contains a fully functioning Steris 3080 operating room table and fluid/blanket warmer, a full set of surgical instruments, back and gown tables, locked operating room cabinets, pulse oximeters, and a non-functioning anesthesia machine, endoscopy, and Bovie machine.

Center for Bioinformatics and Health Promotion

his 24-seat multimedia classroom includes a Mondo Board, whiteboard, document camera, 35mm digitizer, LCD projector, and access to 24 internet-capable computers. This center supports all activities within the Center for Nursing Education, Simulation, and Innovation; is utilized for standardized testing, orientations, and front loading sessions; and is available between classes for students needing a computer lab for class assignments, projects, and emails.

Multimedia Simulation Center

This center features four Laerdal Medical High –Fidelity Human Patient Simulators: Sim-Man Basic, Sim-Baby, Sim Child, and Sim Junior as well as two pediatric and two adult Laerdal Cath-Sim Intravenous Trainers, and a large screen video display board (i.e. Mondo Board). All pre-licensure students and nurse practitioner students utilize this center on a weekly basis throughout each semester for simulation training; assessing normal and abnormal heart and lung sounds on human patient simulators; practicing various skills on task trainers; viewing skills and simulation videos; and, conducting   pediatric and obstetric lab sessions.

Physical Assessment Center

This center is used by pre-licensure students (BSN and MN) learning physical assessment skills and by our advanced practice students when learning advanced physical assessment. The room is fully equipped with six Midmark electronic physical exam tables that have inclining head rests, extending leg supports, storage drawers, and optional stirrups. To ensure privacy, the center has 10 three-paneled privacy screens that have wheels for ease of movement and flexibility for any lab. Our physical assessment center has 20 Welch Allyn Diagnostic kits, 15 of which may be checked out on an overnight basis for practice. We also have 20 various-sized blood pressure kits for student use both in the lab and for overnight practice at home. The Physical Assessment Center houses an academic version of the Pyxis Medication dispensing system, synthetic medications, medical equipment, task trainers, breast and prostate models, and a DVD library to support our undergraduate and graduate lab sessions.

Private Exam Room

This single exam room is used for student practice and testing. It contains an exam table, white board, side table and chair, Snellen eye chart, standing scale, and built in otoscope and ophthalmoscope. The room has two ceiling mounted cameras allowing   faculty to record exemplars, give feedback on final examinations, and provide the opportunity to practice and review communication and assessment skills with standardized patients.

Clinical Teaching Center

This center is comprised of 6 hospital patient beds with static Laerdal Medical manikins arranged to simulate an ambulatory clinic, a medical-surgical unit, and intensive care unit. This center contains many of the common devices seen in the hospital including a Hoyer lift, Geri chair, wheel chairs, canes, crutches, linen cart, ventilator, and head wall units to simulate oxygen delivery and wall suction. Our pre-licensure students use this center to learn every nursing skill from hand washing and bed making to wound irrigation and managing a ventilated patient.  The center also has three supply carts that contain IV tubing, IV solutions, dressing supplies, catheters, chest tubes, foley catheters, sterile gloves, sterile gowns, bed pans, urinals, and tracheostomy supplies.

Communication Center

This center, with seating for 10, contains a Mondo Board, white board, and has two ceiling mounted cameras which provide video recording capabilities. This center is used with all levels of students to practice patient interview, family counseling sessions with standardized patients, clinical post conferences, seminar discussions, small group presentations, student advising and evaluations, and USNA and GNSA sponsored activities.

Dorothy Ebersbach Academic Center for Flight Nursing and Hight Fidelity Helicopter Flight Simulator

We recently opened a simulator using the fuselage from a Sikorsky helicopter. The helicopter features some of the most advanced medical equipment with authentic aerial views projected within the windows and movement that mimics changing altitudes and weather conditions throughout the flight. Students can then experience the physical space and simulated movement while providing care to mannequins.

Cyber Café

With comfortable seating and contemporary decor, the Cyber Café provides a 23-seat casual meeting space designed to help you refresh and recharge.

The Cyber Café is located on the ground floor, near the entrance to the Center for Nursing Education, Simulation, and Innovation. Access is restricted by card reader to Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing students, staff and faculty only. (If you cannot gain access, please see Kathy O'Linn in room 1320.)

The café is open 24/7 and is equipped with three Dell Optiplex workstations, one WEPA printer , several Ethernet connection ports for laptops (you must provide your own Ethernet cable) and wireless access. Other cafe features include couches, tables, a kitchen (with sink, microwave and refrigerator), and a TV.