The PhD Student Nurses Association (PSNA)

The purpose of the PhD Student Nurses Association (PSNA) is to support and promote the interested of PhD students at FPB. PSNA is proud to build community, facilitate networking, ensure good communication with program faculty and administration, and represent PSNA members' interests on the PhD Council and Graduate Student Council.

Executive Board 2023-2024

  • Chair: Beth Armentrout
  • Co-Chair: Melissa Schmitt
  • Treasurer: Jorden Rieke
  • Secretary: Eid Aldossary
  • Community & Diversity Chair: Rayhanah Al Mutairi
  • Professional Development Chair: Botan Ahmed

Graduate Student Council 2023-2024 Representatives 

  • TBD

Interprofessional Council Representative

Suebsarn Ruksakulpwiat

FPB 100th Anniversary Celebration Representative

Melissa Schmitt

PhD Council Representative

Zeyana Al Ismaili


  • All PhD Nursing Students

Travel & Dissertation Reception Reimbursement for PhD Students

Current Students

Please visit the PhD Connection site on Canvas for announcements and useful documents. If the site is not listed in your Canvas courses, please email to request access.