The Undergraduate Student Nurses Association (USNA)

Picture of two CWRU FPB students smiling into the camera.

Welcome to the Undergraduate Student Nursing Association (USNA)! USNA has an executive board made up of a presidentvice president,secretarytreasurer, and faculty advisor. We also have class officers for each academic grade. The class officers communicate between their classes and the executive board, and all officers meet twice a month to organize and plan new activities. Anyone is welcome to come to these meetings to learn more about USNA and bring concerns or projects to the board.

2019-2020 USNA Executive Board

  • President: Paul Siewierski
  • Vice-President: Jessica Zhao 
  • Secretary: Anne Franklin
  • Treasurer: Jackson Carr

Junior Executive Board

  • VP Events: Aleah Clements
  • VP Communications: Kaitlyn Cantu
  • VP Fundraising: Ally Burwell
  • VP Student Development: Andi Pape
  • VP Alumni Relations: Tessa Harstrick

First Year Representatives: Nataliana Espinosa, Helen Kim, Megan Rodriguez

Sophomore Representatives: Andriana Ashley, Keya Kumar, Jessica Zhu

Junior Representatives: Megan Arumpanayil, Olivia LaRusch, James Sobieski

Senior Representatives: Elizabeth Adams, James Coker

Faculty Advisor