Refunds due to overpayment (payments/credits exceed charges) will be issued only after all charges are paid in full. Only actual credits (not anticipated aid) in excess of the total charges may result in a refund or used to prepay future charges, if requested. Refunds are only on or after the first day of classes, issued to the student, regardless of the source of the overpayment. The only exception is if the overpayment is the result of a Parent PLUS Loan. There are two methods of distribution:

  • Direct deposit (preferred)
  • Mail a check to the student’s current address in the SIS system

Students may select to have their refund be held and applied to future charges.  Please refer to Apply Excess Payments and Aid to Future Semesters.  

By default, refunds will be issued within 14 business days of the posted credits exceeding charges. Mailed checks may take up to three weeks to be received by the student. Student Financial Services prefers that students enroll in direct deposit for tuition account refunds thru SIS. Direct deposit allows your refund payments to be conveniently delivered into your bank account. If a refund is not received, a stop payment can be initiated 10 business days after the original issue date, upon request from the student. A stop payment is placed on the original refund and once confirmed that the check was not redeemed, a new refund is initiated.