Direct Deposit Enrollment

Direct Deposit for Refunds

Direct deposit is available for student refunds. Direct deposit allows your refund payments to be conveniently delivered into your bank account. Once enrolled, all future refunds and financial aid overpayments will be deposited in the same manner. Students are expected to maintain their bank account information within SIS.

An email will be sent within 48 hours confirming a successful enrollment. Students may enroll at any time during their school career. The agreement will remain in effect unless the Office of Student Financial Services is asked to revoke the agreement by the student or in the event of a rejected direct deposit transaction. Students must contact Student Financial Services by email or phone to request all future refunds be sent as checks.

  1. Log in to SIS at
  2. From the Other Financial section tool, select Manage Student Refunds. Click the Direct Deposit tab. Alternatively, from the Account Inquiry link, click the Account Services tab, and then Direct Deposit
  3. Click the "Enroll in Direct Deposit" button.
  4. Enter the requested bank account information and then click "Next".
  5. A summary screen of the bank account information entered is displayed. Click the "Proceed To Enroll in Direct Deposit" button.
  6. You may add additional bank accounts to be used for tuition direct deposits by using the "Add Another Bank Account" button. However, only one bank account for direct deposit refunds can be selected at one time. Once all desired accounts have been added, click the "Proceed To Enroll in Direct Deposit" button again.
  7. The Enroll in Direct Deposit screen appears. From the Select Bank Account selection tool, click on your bank account. Click "Next".
  8. Read the terms of agreement. Click the checkbox to agree and then the "Submit" button.
  9. When the "Congratulations" message is displayed, you have successfully enrolled in direct deposit.


  • Direct deposit can only be made to domestic bank accounts. If your bank's routing number is not accepted, contact Student Financial Services at 216.368.2226 or for assistance.