The Division of Student Affairs welcomes you to Case Western Reserve University. We are proud to be part of a unique research institution, transforming the lives of today's leaders.


To seek out and actively engage and serve students with quality developmental, intentional and comprehensive experiential learning opportunities in a diverse, inclusive and vibrant university community.


To be a top Student Affairs division in both the AAU and the University Athletic Association, and to create programs which are cutting edge and will be models for other universities.

Our Values

We value building a strong, welcoming community, assuring we are focused on our collective well-being, helping students and others maintain an open and curious attitude regarding their academic endeavors and the real-world experiences we provide.

Diagram showing our core values (community, well-being, and curiosity) surrounding student life
  • Community: Building a strong community is the foundation of the work we do as student affairs professionals. We seek to fully include people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives so we can all grow and thrive by working together to define new opportunities, integrate resources, and share expertise to achieve excellence.

  • Well-being: Being well in mind, body and spirit is not only foundational for learning, but is at the core of living well. Coupled with a sense of resilience, students are enabled to approach other people and situations with confidence and optimism, which is especially important for life transitions and changes.

  • Curiosity: Possessing an open mind and receptive attitude toward the world around us can promote active¬†observation, increased engagement, and creative breakthroughs, all of which lead students toward the knowledge, skills, relationships, and experiences that they need to live full and productive lives.