Special Event Security

Requests for security and/or police officers to work special events on campus will follow these guidelines. Based on the nature of the event or particular circumstances, the director or his/her designee will consult with the requestor to determine staffing needs based on all relevant factors.

Those students needing staffing should contact the administrative assistant at 216.368.6811 or associate director at 216.368.2908 to schedule officers for events. Requests for officers are required 3 business days in advance of the event for one officer. An additional one-day's notice is required for every additional officer requested -- four days for two officers, five days for three officers etc. Requests made outside of these timeframes cannot be guaranteed.

There is a charge per hour with a three-hour minimum. If an event is cancelled, four hours notice is required to notify the officers scheduled to work. Otherwise, the group will be charged the two-hour minimum per officer. Campus departments/groups must provide an account number at the time of scheduling.

Specific duties expected of the officer should be spelled out and discussed with the Case Police events representative prior to the event. Every event must have an on-site contact person to serve as a liaison with the officer. The request must specify an uniform or plainclothes officer and any special concerns regarding the event.

Group size/officer attendance ratios:

Number of Attendees Special Circumstances Officer Requirements
1-150 None No officer required
1-150 Yes 1 officer
150-300 None 1 officer
150-300 Yes 2 officers
300+ None 1 officer per 200
300+ Yes 1 officer per 150

Special circumstances include alcohol being served, open to the public, cash on premise, history of the event, or other factors determined by the event organizers and/or the director of Case Police or his/her designee to require additional security.