Human Resources

The human resources branch of Student Affairs Operations supports the departments within the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of the Provost in the areas of staff recruitment, hiring, onboarding, promotion, evaluation, professional development and other HR matters related to staff activities.

Need help? Contact your Human Resource Administrator (HRA) Elizabeth Wilkes.

Employee Journey

Similar to how we approach our work with students, as a developmental journey, we also see employee engagement as a developmental process. We focus our work on helping those we serve and support to connect, develop and flourish.

Most important is how supervisors support their team members as they navigate the complexities of our institution and the work they do to support our students. It takes an entire community.


Are you a supervisor in charge of hiring a new staff member? Our recruiting guide will help you navigate the process and run a successful talent search.


Are you a supervisor of a new staff member? Our onboarding guide will provide the information you need to have a successful onboarding process.