Learn the Lingo

Adelbert – (pronounced ah-DEL-burt) First name of Amasa Stone's only son, who died by accidental drowning while a student at Yale. Adelbert College, Road, Hall and Gym are named for him.

Bag-It – A dining option in Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) when you are between classes and have limited time for lunch.

Binary Walkway – The pathway designed with ones and zeroes (i.e. binary code) that stretches from the corner of Adelbert Road and Euclid Avenue into the Quad.

Bottom of the Hill – Residence area in the South Residential Village, located on Murray Hill Road.

Coffee House – Located on Juniper Road, they offer reservable rooms, places to study and tasty treats.

Coventry – A business district east of campus that offers a distinctive mix of cool and eclectic shops and restaurants. The South Loop of the Evening Shuttle runs from Fribley Commons to Coventry.

Elephant Stairs – The covered staircase connecting the lower and upper levels of the South Residential Village.

The Farm – Shorthand for Squire Valleevue and Valley Ridge Farms, a bucolic 389-acre Case Western Reserve property east of Cleveland used for education, research and recreation.

Freiberger – The name of the field located beside the Tink. A popular place for campus-wide events and intramural sports.

Grab-It – A dining option in Sears when you are between classes and have limited time for lunch.

Greenie – The longstanding nickname for the buses used for the free shuttle service around University Circle. (Note: buses are actually blue and white, but they used to be green in the 1980s.)

[HARLD] – (Housing and Residence Life Database) "You've received a package"; the notification email you receive when a package arrives for you, and the bright spot in your day.

HealthLine – RTA's bus line that travels up and down Euclid Avenue, connecting the Cleveland Clinic, downtown and everything in between.

IM – Intramural Sports.

The Jolly Scholar – A popular restaurant and microbrewery located in Thwing Center.

KSL – Kelvin Smith Library.

LaundryView – Website that tracks laundry for all residence halls on campus.

L3 (Lower Level Leutner) – An alternative sit-down or carry-out eatery on the lower level of Leutner Commons. A great option for those on and off the meal plan.

Leutner Fireside Lounge – Unofficially the "L4 (Lower Level Leutner Lounge)" a lounge area outside L3 and The Spot.

Little Italy – The Italian community just east of campus that is popular for its pizza, pasta and pastries. The community also is known for its art galleries and annual Feast of the Assumption celebration.

The (Wade) Lagoon – A tranquil and picturesque area between the Cleveland Museum of Art and Euclid Avenue.

Michelson & Morley – The restaurant in the Tinkham Veale University Center named for the Michelson and Morley experiment. In acknowledgement of their 21st birthday, students receive a coupon for lunch.

MSASS or Mandel School – (pronounced "em-sass") Shortened name for the university's Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.

TransLoc Shuttle Tracker – Website and phone app that tracks the shuttle buses around campus via GPS.

Northside – The North Residential Village, which includes residence halls and Greek houses located north of Euclid Avenue. Also referred to as ''NRV."

PBL – The initials refer to the famed Frank Gehry-designed Peter B. Lewis Building of the Weatherhead School of Management.

Pioneer Room – Campus gathering place in the North Residential Village named for the a former Western Reserve mascot. It is located in Wade Commons.

Rainbow – Refers to Rainbow Babies' and Children's Hospital, a premier hospital that is part of University Hospitals of Cleveland. Students often volunteer at Rainbow or medical students may have a residency there.

The Rapid – The railway system that connects the Greater Cleveland area with stops at the airport, downtown, and the north and south sides of campus. Our branch is the "Red Line."

Spartan Safe – A mobile app that connects you to the campus police and provided resources to help keep you safe.

Red Cat Room – Campus gathering place in the North Residential Village named for the Western Reserve Red Cats. It is located in Wade Commons.

Rough Rider Room (RRR) – Campus gathering place in the South Residential Village named for the Case Rough Riders. It is located in Carlton Commons.

Safe Ride – This program provides safe transportation around campus and the surrounding area to the CWRU community between 6 p.m. and 3 a.m. Call 368.3000 to request a ride, or use the Spartan Ride app.

SAFE Line – The Survivors and Friends Empowerment (SAFE) Line at 368.7777 is staffed 24/7 for privileged, confidential conversations about sexual assault and relationship violence.

SI – Supplemental Instruction is an academic enhancement program that uses peer-assisted study sessions.

SIS – Student Information System, is the suite of online software that includes registration and most everything else in your academic life.

SOURCE – The Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors office encourages students to participate in research and creative projects.

Southside – The residence halls and Greek houses located in the South Residential Village on Murray Hill Road (Bottom of the Hill) and Carlton Road (Top of the Hill).

Spartie – Our university mascot!

Spirit Rocks – Large rocks near the North Residential Village and Clarke Tower used to promote school spirit and spread messages of goodwill.

Spirit Wall – A large billboard at the back of Thwing Center used by students to promote campus events by painting between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Keep it clean!

The Spot – A campus hangout located in the basement (bottom floor) of Leutner Commons.

STJ – Stephanie Tubbs Jones hall, apartment-style housing for upperclass students.

Thwing – The university's student center (pronounced "Twing," the h is silent).

The Tink – The Tinkham Veale University Center, named after a prominent university alumnus and donor. Home to many student orgs, meeting spaces and dining options.

Top of the Hill – Residential area in the South Residential Village, located at the top of the Elephant Stairs along Carlton Road.

The Ugly Statue – The sculpture's real name is Start (by David Davis) and it is located on Juniper Road between Sherman and Raymond Houses, a popular meeting place for groups on Northside.

UH – The acronym for University Hospitals of Cleveland, a Case Western Reserve academic and research affiliate where students often volunteer.

Uptown – This mixed-use retail, dining and living complex is home to Case Western Reserve's bookstore, a grocery store and several restaurants.

Van Horn – The name of the field located directly outside of the Veale Convocation, Recreation and Athletic Center. A good site for Frisbee and dodge ball.

The Village (at 115) – Seven residence buildings featuring apartment-style housing surrounding the football stadium.

wēpa – Print Away. The university's printing service with kiosks located around campus.