Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Tips to Follow

This month, [U]Tech's Information Security Office is marking National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by sharing information on different facets of cybersecurity.

Whether you’re looking for a new job opportunity, sending a message out to members of a Google Group, or looking for an email that might have gone to spam, it’s important to keep cybersecurity in mind when you’re online. Check out the latest tips from the Information Security Office to make sure you’re navigating the internet safely.

Tips for Students

Students are often a target for job scam emails, in which scammers will pose as potential employers and lure students into becoming victims of check fraud or purchasing gift cards. When mail clients obscure email addresses and use advanced spoofing techniques, it can be difficult to determine if an email is legitimate or not.

To ensure a job opportunity is trustworthy, search for open positions through reputable job hosting platforms, such as Case Western Reserve’s student employment website, directly through an employer’s website, or on job-matching sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed. When applying for jobs on job-matching sites, be vigilant, as anyone can pose as an employer.

[U]Tech offers a variety of additional tips online to help users learn how to identify job scam emails.

Tips for Students, Faculty and Staff

If you are part of a Google Group email, you may notice it receives a lot of spam or phishing emails. Group owners, managers and moderators can drastically reduce the phishing emails received by their group by turning on Message Moderation and Spam Moderation. If you are part of a group but unable to moderate it, consider sharing these articles to the group managers.

Visit [U]Tech’s Information Security Office website for security tips and news.