Guidance, oversight, and transparency are essential to promoting trust and confidence in the use of institutional data. The principles below support the safe and effective use of data and analytics. They will serve as the foundation for the development of the CWRU Data Governance Policies:


Value of Data - from “my data” to “our data”:
  1. Data must be valued as a strategic enterprise asset.
Governance of Data – data governance is everyone’s responsibility:
  1. Data must have clearly defined accountability.
Protection of Data – avoiding risk and compliance issues:
  1. Data must follow internal policies and external laws.
Use of Data – compliance is no longer enough:
  1. Data must be treated with a human element through ethical guidelines.
Quality of Data – empowerment through trust:
  1. Data quality must be defined and managed consistently across the data life cycle.
Literacy of Data – responsibility of the data consumer:
  1. Data literacy must be the priority of the end user and is the ability to read, write and communicate data in context.