Faculty Guide to Server Centralization

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University Technology, UTech, is providing this guide to help answer questions and assist with the process of server centralization at Case Western Reserve University. Please feel free to contact utech-server-centralization@case.edu with comments or concerns.

Sue Workman
Sue B. Workman Vice President University Technology and Chief Information Officer

CIO Message

University Technology is committed to minimizing the risk of loss, corruption or improper disclosure of university data. A key effort to reducing this risk is moving these systems and the applications they host into secured UTech data centers. In 2016-2017, the initial server centralization effort was focused on file servers and servers primarily used for administrative purposes— more than 700 servers were centralized at that time.  Now, it is time to address the servers that remain outside of UTech data centers to further lessen the risk to the university. Our intent is to complete this second wave of server centralization by end of FY 2019.