Heather Bolden

Instructional Designer
Teaching and Learning Technologies

I work closely with faculty to help them think through their courses before they go online. This includes aligning the content to the objectives of the course, brainstorming new ways to do activities, and figuring out how to help students engage with the materials and each other.  I ask a lot of questions that usually ends with us pedagogically enhancing a course while figuring out the appropriate role technology can play. 

My background is a mix of technology and instructional design. I attended John Carroll University for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Kent State University for my Master of Education. 

My favorite part of working at CWRU is the collaborative nature of the Teaching + Learning Technologies team. There are many times when we brainstorm solutions in small groups and we function as a true team.

When I'm not at work, I like to explore the world with, and through, my children. Education takes many forms and starts early, and I love learning with my kids. We love hockey, lacrosse, and being outside.