Teach Everywhere

The resources provided in this website will help instructors prepare to teach and stay connected with their students and the greater CWRU community throughout the semester. 

Use this page to learn about:

  • Available technologies 
  • Teaching in a classroom
  • Putting classroom activities online 
  • Getting help with technologies and remote teaching

Learn about available technologies

These guides will provide you with an overview of technologies available to you to use in your classes and ways in which you may use them to transition face to face activities to remote learning.

Teaching in a classroom

If you are teaching in a classroom, these resources will help you determine what technologies are available to use.

Providing students with needed instruction while they are absent from the physical classroom can be challenging. Students may be absent due to illness, quarantine, or planned absences for other reasons. A guide has been created that details options for teaching students who aren't able to attend face-to-face classes.

The CWRU classrooms web page provides a breakdown of each space, the technology available, and information on teaching in that space.

Check out this video if you're presenting with your iPad and the classroom computer, for tips on getting your iPad to work in CWRU classrooms.

Setting-up Zoom on the TEC – how to start the TEC, open Zoom, and begin you class

Presenting with an iPad and the Classroom Computer – tips on getting your iPad to work in CWRU classrooms

Touch Screen Interface – an overview for using the touch panel in CWRU classrooms

Learn how to put classroom activities online 

Information about technologies available to help support common classroom activities in a remote or blended teaching environment.

Please see the putting classroom activities online page for information on how to recreate traditional classroom activities online.

Get help with technologies and remote teaching

Support is available for you, including one-on-one consultations with other faculty members and members of the [U]Tech team.

  • Contact the [U]Tech Help Desk if you have questions that aren’t answered in the guides, to request a one-on-one consultation, or to get advice for teaching remotely.
  • Contact UCITE for additional support with teaching and learning needs, to request a one-on-one consultation, or to learn about drop-in virtual office hours this semester.
  • Please see the Support Contacts document for additional drop-in hours, training opportunities, and resources.