Managing Greetings

How to manage greetings

From the main menu, see How to Access Voicemail, press 5 for setup options and then 1 (manage greetings). Your current selected greeting will play.

Record, review and select greetings

  1. Press 1 to re-record your current greeting.
  2. Press 2 to turn your alternate greeting or or off.

    Note: You may choose to turn off the alternate greeting at a scheduled date and time (press 1) or leave it on indefinitely (press pound #).

  3. Press 3 and choose a greeting by number to record or select a different greeting.
  4. After choosing a greeting to modify you may record or re-record it (press 1), reset it to the system default (press 2), or turn it on (press 3).

Greetings by number

Select a greeting by number:

  1. Standard greeting
  2. Closed greeting
  3. Alternate greeting
  4. Busy greeting
  5. Internal greeting
  6. Holiday greeting