Using a Shared Mailbox

Understanding shared mailboxes

A shared mailbox is a single number shared among several voicemail users. A standard greeting provides instructions for callers who wish to leave a message for a member of the shared mailbox. However, this greeting is not provided by the system, and so must be recorded manually. Any member of the group may record a standard greeting for a shared mailbox.

Users may not change the members of a shared mailbox or reassign member order. To request shared mailbox membership changes, contact the UTech Service Desk at 216.368.HELP (4357). Provide the names users who are to added / removed from the shared mailbox group, and the shared mailbox number for identification.

Record a standard greeting

  1. Dial 368-8744 while on-campus or if off campus, dial 216-368-8744.
  2. When prompted for an ID enter your 7-digit personal mailbox number (ex., 888-2368) and press the pound (#) key.
  3. Enter your PIN (the default is 10900).
  4. When prompted for “extension of the call handler”, enter your 11-digit shared mailbox number (ex., +1-216-368-1234) and press the pound (#) key.
  5. Press 2 when prompted to access settings. Then, press 2 again to record a standard greeting.
  6. Follow audio prompts to review and save, or discard and re-record your greeting.