Sponsored Projects: Fundamentals

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Sponsored Projects Accounting: Fundamentals is a course in the CWRU Administrative Professional Series (CAPS). This course reviews the fundamental issues of research administration, including basic issues associated with managing an award, roles and responsibilities of staff and governing cost principles.

This class is a core class for the Certificate of Achievement in Financial Management.


  • Participants must register for classes in order to attend.
  • Participants must provide at least 24 hours' notice to the CAPS management team if they are unable to attend. To cancel, email caps@case.edu.
  • If a a participant fails to cancel his or her attendance at least 24 hours' in advance of the class, a $25 no-show fee will be charged to his or her department.
  • All CAPS classes will start at the time scheduled. Registrants should five to ten minutes early in order to be prepared for class.
  • Registrants who are more than 10 minutes late for a class or who depart 10 minutes early from a class will not receive certification credit for the course. If time accommodations need to be made, registrants should email caps@case.edu at least 24 hours' prior to the scheduled start time.