Executive MBAFaculty

Whether in the traditional program or the Cleveland Clinic–Weatherhead option, our Executive Master of Business Administration faculty are internationally renowned for their ability to integrate cutting-edge research with real-world business applications. And what's more, they all have industry experience that they bring to the classroom.

Along with their expertise in traditional functional specialties, faculty at Case Western Reserve University have developed influential theories and techniques that have seen successful application across different contexts, cultures and continents. Today’s students of management owe concepts such as emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, design practices in management, and sustainable value to Weatherhead School's thought leaders.

Hear from Professor of Accountancy Thomas King on why he enjoys teaching in the EMBA program:

Executive MBA Faculty

In our traditional EMBA program, you'll work closely with faculty and peers in case analyses, problem set discussions, experiential exercises, simulations, lectures, one-on-one discussion and distance learning exercises. Tailored to the subject matter at hand and to the needs of each individual class, the diverse range of teaching and learning methods used ensures a challenging, engaging EMBA experience.

This is not a one-size-fits-all program. Our EMBA offers a unique, personalized approach to learning with a focus on self-awareness as the key to becoming an effective leader. You’ll be assigned an executive coach who will work to help you succeed academically—and develop as a leader and as an individual.

Get to know the Weatherhead School’s world-class Executive MBA faculty:

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