Participating in a university-based community effort will meet the participation guidelines (multi-week program, attending at least 85% of sessions over a minimum of 8-12 weeks), is necessary to be eligible for this incentive. 

Options Include:

  • Books@Work
  • Participating in Crafters@Case
  • Sign up for the NEW - Lifestyle Boot Camp (see details below)
  • Sustained Dialogue group
  • Or consider developing and participating in a new university-based community initiative to build bonds with others on campus. Contact Elizabeth Click, Medical Director, to determine if your group meets the criteria

Why is this Important?

Having close relationships at work has been found to positively affect employee retention, safety, work quality and engagement. Research indicates that people feel better emotionally when they do kind things for and with other people. Building community within the university is an important part of building well-being for faculty, staff and the university.


Books@Work brings professor-led literature seminars to workplaces and community settings to build confidence, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Over the course of 12 weeks, the group will discuss three different books. Through shared narratives, Books@Work encourages and nurtures work cultures rooted in trust, open dialogue and strong social connection – all critical elements of wellbeing.

Want to learn a little more? 

Fall 2018
Wednesdays at 12:15
Kelvin Smith Library LL06 B/C
September 5 through November 28 (no meeting 11/21)
Group is FULL! Contact Mary Ann to be placed on the waiting list.

In order to be placed on the roster, you must commit to attending at least 10 of the 12 meetings.
No more than 1/3 of each roster will be filled with previous Books@Work participants.

Lifestyle Boot Camp

*NEW* A community-based approach to well-being

During the 8-week Boot Camp Series, faculty and staff will be asked to examine their current state of well-being. Through educational discussions with your boot camp group, participants will begin to develop tools essential to create a personalized wellness plan. Class time each week will be utilized to check in on progress toward reaching health goals as well as acquiring new skills.

100% of those who completed the Spring 2018 program said they would recommend it to a friend/coworker. Here are some quotes: 
"Great program - good discussion. The group was great about being open and non judgmental. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to the class."
" It helped my mindset very much. I appreciate the social interaction with all of those in our discussion group."

Thursdays from 1-2 PM
June 7 through August 2 (no class July 5)
Adelbert Hall M2 (Note: June 14 class in Crawford 09A)
Registration is open!

  • 6/7 - Introduction: What is well-being? What is an optimized wellness plan? What do you want to learn in the next 7 weeks?
  • 6/14- Stress Management: Learn practical tools and techniques to use in everyday life to improve coping skills while decreasing stress and anxiety.
  • 6/21 - Sleep Hygiene: Develop a personalized sleep regimen to improve quality of sleep and decrease fatigue.
  • 6/28- Food as Medicine/Nutrition Overview: Discuss elements of a nutritious diet to better fuel your body, stay energized and focused throughout your day. Realistic tips and tricks to stay motivated.
  • 7/5 - no class
  • 7/12 - More Nutrition Overview and Supplements: Lean how and when to appropriately integrate supplements into your daily regimen.
  • 7/19 - Activity, Movement and Exercise: "A body in motion, stays in motion."
  • 7/26 - Prevention, Prevention, Prevention
  • 8/2 - Wrap Up: Creating Your Very Own Optimized Wellness Plan plus Q&A.


Table full of red hats.

‌‌Crafters@Case brings together a diverse group of faculty staff and students from CWRU, University Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic. Groups meet weekly between 12:30 and 1:30 PM in buildings throughout campus.

All are welcome, regardless of skill level. Participants can create hats, scarfs and other items for donation. To earn the Community Wellness Incentive, participants must participate in an on campus group for at least 30 minutes twice a week for at least 12 weeks.

Learn more about Crafters@Case‌ projects, partners and locations.

Pictured is the Winter 2018 project, Little Hats Big Hearts, for the American Heart Association. Crafters@Case donated 209 hats!!

Sustained Dialogue

The CWRU Sustained Dialogue program brings together individuals from various backgrounds to discuss campus, local and national issues of concern, including diversity and inclusion matters.

For information about the upcoming sessions contact Janetta or John.