Walking Maps

Picture of peoples feet while they run.

Walking regularly helps maintain appropriate levels of physical activity. By walking 10,000 steps daily, the average person will have walked approximately 5 miles.

This is a good level to strive for—however, if you are not a regular walker or exerciser, starting slowly is advisable. If you are new to walking or exercising, please check with your health care provider beforehand.

Numerous health organizations, such as the American Heart Association, use 10,000 steps as a guideline to follow since that level of activity may improve health and decrease risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Benefits from walking may include increased energy, decreased weight and a lower body mass index (BMI), decrease in waist circumference‌ and decreased risk for health conditions such as diabetes. Recent research has highlighted the significant health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle and sitting most of the day.

To help the CWRU community focus on this 10,000-step goal, the following convenient walking maps have been created. Start today and see more of the university and its surroundings as you follow these maps.

A variety of walking maps makes it convenient to change up routes. Download these maps to see what route is best for you.

Check out the Health Education Campus by taking a walk from your office. Directions and distances (it is really not that far!) are offered on this map.