How to Participate

Improve Your Health and Earn Money, Too!

All faculty and staff in the university's Benelect medical plan (and those who plan to have coverage for 2024) who participate in three wellness activities between September 1 and November 30, 2023, will qualify for a $25-per-month Wellness Incentive during 2024 and have the opportunity to participate in additional programs to earn cash incentives.

Wellness earnings are taxable.

Employees must complete A and B to:

Qualify for a $25-per-month Wellness Incentive.

These activities provide baseline information on an individual’s current health. The de-identified, aggregate data for the participant group is used to determine programming needs and for evaluation purposes.

After completing A and B:

Employees can choose to participate in C to receive $100 for each program they completed (up to $200).

The program options are focused on career enhancement, community connection, financial competency, general well-being, nutrition/weight management, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and tobacco cessation. There are many on campus and off campus options available.  

Programs must be successfully completed and attestation submitted by November 30 annually to receive the Wellness Program Incentive in the final December pay.

Program  Description

This free on-line assessment (HRA) from WebMD will take about seven (7) minutes to complete and it provides immediate, customized feedback to participants. Individual results remain confidential. The university will only receive de-identified, aggregate results.


TWO of these THREE Activities

BIOMETRIC SCREENING at a Quest Patient Service Center, one of our onsite events, or with a Physician Results Form. 


TOBACCO ATTESTATION FORM This form confirms your tobacco use status. For current employees this form is found online on HCM. Choose the Wellness Tile, then select the Tobacco Attestation Form from the menu on the left. New hires should complete this form available in their new hire packet.


PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER ATTESTATION This form confirms that you have a primary care provider and that you have had or will have a well-care visit during the current program year.

Wellness programs are available for faculty and staff members. Wellness Program Incentives are focused on career well-being, community well-being, financial well-being, general wellness, sleep, stress management, nutrition & weight management, physical activity, and tobacco cessation.