General Wellness

New program category as of 2023! 

Participating in a university-based general wellness program over a multi-week period (attending at least 85% of sessions over a minimum of 8 weeks) is necessary to be eligible for this incentive. You must complete an attestation form in HCM by Nov. 30 to earn the incentive. 

Why is this Important?

Health and wellness are critical components of overall well-being and can make a significant difference in the length and quality of peoples’ lives. Enhancing the overall wellness of benefits-eligible faculty and staff is a core value of the CWRU Wellness Program and has been identified by Gallup as a critical factor to enhance work performance, productivity, morale and engagement, and to reduce illness and turnover.

Series topics that would fit into this new category include Eldercare, Environmental Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and more. Stay tuned, as we will continue to add new programs in this category.

Healthy Habits for Life

Practicing and maintaining healthy habits is challenging for many of us. Our lives are busy, and while we usually have the best of intentions, other commitments can get in the way of our lifestyle change efforts or even block them entirely. Thankfully, a variety of best practices exist and have been used to foster health and well-being through healthy habit implementation. This 8-week series will offer a variety of perspectives and suggestions to maximize your ability to integrate healthy habits into your life. Four different speakers, who each have coaching, development and/or counseling backgrounds, will share their expertise with you. Throughout this series, you will learn about the power of mindset, intention, emotional intelligence, and a step-by-step process that will foster healthy habits in your life.

Tuesdays, May 30 - July 25 (with the exception of July 4) from 12-1 pm, via Zoom

May 30 - The 3 Secrets to Success: Make More Money, Save More Time, Boost Productivity and Love Your Life and Business (Tamsin Astor, PhD). Session 1 Recording

June 6 - Mindset 2.0: An Innovative Approach to Managing Your Mind to Reduce Costs (Tamsin Astor, PhD). Session 2 Recording

June 13 - Change Your Habits, Change Your Life (Tamsin Astor, PhD)

June 20 - Establishing Routines for Healthy Habits (Tamsin Astor, PhD)

June 27 - Starting New Habits that Stick (Kelsey Loushin, BA, LICDC-CS, CDP)

July 11 - The Power of Intention (Judith Eugene)

July 18 - Working with Emotional Intelligence - The What, Why, and How (Kim Langley)

July 25 - How to Work from Home (Tamsin Astor, PhD)

Eldercare Series

Learning how to navigate the maze of eldercare needs for family members and friends can be stressful. Topics such as insurance, dementia, communication strategies, and others can be challenging to deal with, and it is usually best to learn more from professional eldercare experts. This new 9-week Zoom series will focus on important information faculty and staff may need when eldercare is necessary.

March 22 - Medicare 101 (Wendy Morgan, Vantage Financial) Session 1 Recording

March 29 - Successfully Navigating the Eldercare Maze (Kelsey Loushin, BA, LICDC-CS, CDP) Session 2 Recording

April 5 - Elder Orphans (Erin Eurenius, Esq., CPA) Session 3 Recording

April 12 - Bridging the Communication Gap Between Family Members (Kelsey Loushin, BA, LICDC-CS, CDP) Session 4 Recording

April 19 - VA Benefits & Caregiving (Rick Myers, Jr, JD) Session 5 Recording

April 26 - Suicide & The Elderly (Kelsey Loushin, BA, LICDC-CS, CDP) Session 6 Recording

May 3 - Differentiating Dementias (Kelsey Loushin, BA, LICDC-CS, CDP) Session 7 Recording

May 10 - Legal and Financial Considerations for the Caregiver (Erin Eurenius, Esq., CPA) Session 8 Recording

May 17 - Aging with a Plan:  How a Little Thought Today Can Vastly Improve Your Tomorrow (Sharona Hoffman, JD, LLM, SJD)  Session 9 Recording