Primary Care Provider Attestation

This form, housed within HCM, asks faculty and staff to truthfully state whether they have a designated Primary Care Provider and whether they have had or will have a primary care visit this year. (Deadline is November 30th annually.)

The form can be found by going to: PeopleSoft HCM and navigating to the Wellness Tile and clicking on "Primary Care Provider Attestation" on the menu on the left side of the screen. The form is open each fall from September 1 through November 30.

Your completion of the form can be immediately confirmed by going to PeopleSoft HCM and navigating to the Wellness Tile, then clicking on "Wellness Summary" on the menu on the left side of the page. There are tabs for Current, Prior and Future Benefit year on the top of the page. New hires will see the "Completed Attestation Form" check mark under the Current Year tab, those completing the form in the fall will find the check mark on the Future Year tab.

It should take approximately one to three minutes.

The CWRU Benelect provider, Medical Mutual, offers help to locate a provider close to your home or the office.