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Well-Being Practitioner Feature Article

Read all about the CWRU Wellness Program in this featured article in the July/August 2018 of Well-Being Practitioner.

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Meditation | Stress Management

Of the 38 survey respondents in 2017, 90% of participants rated the program as Excellent or Very Good and 95% rated the instructor Excellent or Very Good.

  • The instructor should make a CD! She has a very calming voice.
  • Wonderful course and instructor.
  • Dawn has a very calming demeanor. My Mondays are always better with this class!

Financial Wellness 201| Financial Wellness

Average rating from 55 respondents in 2018: 95% rated program Very Good or Excellent

  • This was one of the very best classes that I have participated in. I will be taking the next class as soon as it is offered.
  • I liked that Professor Mahnic used layman's terms when talking about each subject since not everybody has a business or finance background.
  • The content was relevant to CWRU employees. It was specific to what we have, not some "general information" that might or might not apply to use.

Healthy Backs + Bodies | Physical Activity

In 2017, 100% of respondents rated the program as Excellent or Very Good. 100% respondents rated the instructor as Excellent or Very Good. 100% of respondents would recommend the course to others.

  • I found the easy exercises that I can do at work to be most helpful.
  • Tanya is awesome!
  • I found that gaining that anatomy knowledge was very helpful.
  • I appreciated practicing how to safely pick things up.