Success Stories

Success with the Wellness Program

Read these inspiring journeys to better health. ‌If you have a success story to share, please send it to Deanna at We would love to hear how the Wellness Program has had an impact on your well-being journey! 


What are your fellow CWRU employees saying about the Wellness Program? The quotes below are from the 2023 Wellness Program Survey. Thank you to those employees who shared their experiences via this survey!

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“During the months of dwindling daylight in the fall and the long path to spring, the wellness programs, Walktober and Well-Travelled have truly been a lifeline for me in keeping depressive thoughts at bay. Each provided me a healthy and productive way to connect with co-workers when it was very challenging for me personally not to withdraw. Being invited to participate on a Well-Travelled team for my department was the first time I experienced truly feeling like part of our team. The Reflection Point book discussion group helped to expand feelings of connection to the greater campus community and made a difference for me when, on employee appreciation day, I was met with more friendly 'hello's' as a result of the virtual discussions and helped me feel valued for just being me. I experience the availability of these programs, the encouragement to participate, and the incentives available to all CWRU employees as the primary way that the University has delivered on its message of valuing employees as people and acknowledging the impact of wellness activities on both employee satisfaction and productivity.”

“I thought I would join the wellness programs to get credit for what I already do. What I learned is that I have high levels of stress that are just as bad as if I never exercised or never ate well. Because of the programs, I am taking care of myself in a more wholistic way.”

“The Wellness Program has changed my life in many different ways - for the better. I am so grateful for the opportunities to learn how to manage my stress, eat cleanly, stay active, etc. I realize that my Wellness journey is ongoing and it's really such a relief to know I have access to this Program along the way.”

“I've participated in many CWRU wellness programs over the years and the information I have learned has helped me be a healthier person (better food choices, more movement, manage stress better, etc.). I really appreciate CWRU offering these wellness activities, as it makes me a happier and healthier person and a better employee. It also creates a sense of community which is hard to do on a college campus.”

“I developed a chronic illness which was most likely due to work-related burnout (chemical exposure, long hours, etc.). The wellness program literally saved me by supporting my recovery physically and mentally (Central/peripheral nerve damage from illness). It introduced me to a community of practice/practitioners which I hadn't had in years, and helped me maintain my wellness. I can't say enough about the compassion, caring and general positive focus that taught me I can achieve everything by managing my thoughts and feelings, and continuing to work towards goals no matter how incremental the steps.”

“I took the Sugar Fix class in Winter 2022, which I had signed up for in the Fall. My father had a heart attack after Christmas and while he was extremely lucky and recovered quickly and well, it was obviously very stressful. In the Sugar Fix class I learned about the impact of sugar on cardiac health specifically, and we also learned about heart healthy foods with recommendations for achievable steps to implement. The Sugar Fix class helped me not only learn more about the impact of sugar and nutrition but also gave me concrete and manageable steps I could implement in my own life to improve my own cardiac health via nutrition. This also helped me manage my stress and anxiety about my father's heart attack. I've since taken another of Lindsay Malone's classes and they are excellent, fact and science/research based with concrete and achievable steps for incremental improvement in healthy eating and living. I feel more empowered after taking her nutrition classes, and I look forward to taking (and re-taking) more of her courses.”

“I have been part of this program since I joined CWRU four years ago. On months when the physical activity challenges take place I am way more active, way more motivated to go to the gym, and I have so much fun socializing with my colleagues around these challenges.”

“I am a breast cancer survivor and the yoga classes have been extremely beneficial to me, especially when I sit in front of a laptop most of the day. The programs with Heidi Weiker that help with communication and stress have been excellent tools to improve both my work and personal life.”