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Forever Fit | Nutrition

Fall 2021:  41 of 43 attended this series; 19 completed the survey.

  • 95% rated the series and instructor as "Excellent" or "Very Good".
  • "Lindsay offers really simple, do-able ideas to make positive lifestyle changes."
  • "With each session, there was just the right balance of new content plus building on important content and concepts from previous sessions."

The Work Happiness MethodTM  - Stress Management

Fall 2021:  44 registrants

  • "This course provided me with new tools to think, and react more positively in stressful situations."
  • "I am now checking in with my supervisor more and we are having very productive conversations and understanding each other better through various lenses of dialogue."
  • "I'm more positive, more energetic, and happier at work."
  • Pre- to Post-Program results:
    • "I have healthy boundaries and feel comfortable saying 'no' when I need to."  (25% increase)
    • "I'm burned out or very close to it."  (10% decrease)
    • "I am happy with the quality of my relationships at work."  (21% increase)

Reflection Point - Community Well-being

2017 - 2021:  253 faculty and staff have participated in this experience via 21 different groups

  • "The importance of Reflection Point for organizations like mine can not be underestimated. Society is moving more and more to less networking, less interaction and less emphasis on building appropriate professional work relationships in large and diverse organizations.  Reflection Point provides an outlet to build those relationships and networks over time."
  • "This group provided a wonderful opportunity to interact with many thoughtful, sensitive, and intelligent members of the CWRU campus who I otherwise would never have even met, much less talked to."
  • Pre - to Post-Program results:
    • "I feel that people at work understand who I am."  (2.3% increase)
    • "It is safe for me to take a risk in this organization."  (3.8% increase)
    • "I am able to bring up problems and tough issues with my coworkers."  (5.3% increase)