Participating in a university-based community effort will meet the participation guidelines (multi-week program, attending at least 85% of sessions over a minimum of 8-12 weeks), is necessary to be eligible for this incentive. 

Why is this Important?

Having close relationships at work has been found to positively affect employee retention, safety, work quality and engagement. Research indicates that people feel better emotionally when they do kind things for and with other people. Building community within the university is an important part of building well-being for faculty, staff and the university.

Options Include:

  • Discuss books with friends at Reflection Point 
  • Participate in Crafters@Case
  • Join a Sustained Dialogue group
  • Participate in our new programs titled "Let's RISE Together" and "Building Community, Connections, and Personal Healing Through Storytelling".
  • Or, consider developing and participating in a new university-based community initiative to build bonds with others on campus. Contact Elizabeth Click, Medical Director, at to determine if your group meets the criteria.

Reflection Point

Reflection Point brings professor-led literature seminars to workplaces and community settings to build confidence, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Over the course of 12 weeks, the group will discuss three different books. Through shared narratives, Reflection Point encourages and nurtures work cultures rooted in trust, open dialogue and strong social connection – all critical elements of wellbeing.

Learn more on the Reflection Point website.

Get a feel for the program by watching our short video!

Winter 2023 - Two series offered; both 12 weeks and both via Zoom
Tuesdays, 12-1 pm, beginning January 24, 2023.
Thursdays, 12-1 pm, beginning January 26, 2023.

Those who have not yet participated in previous Reflection Point groups will have priority. Please email if you are interested in participating.

Building Community, Connections, and Personal Healing Through Storytelling

Recent research highlights increasing levels of loneliness experienced during the pandemic. The detrimental effects associated with social isolation and loneliness significantly impact our physical and mental well-being. Strengthening the ties that bind us together at CWRU is important for our individual and community well-being.

Join Matthew Dicks, author of "Storyworthy" and "Someday is Today", master storyteller, and multiple Moth GrandSLAM champion, in improving your ability to tell great stories while exploring your life more deeply and forming interesting new relationships with your workshop colleagues.

This 8-week program will teach the art of storytelling and will include interactions between program participants as people share the stories they have written. Attend this series to learn how to be a good storyteller and to experience the many ways in which storytelling can improve our lives. 

This program was offered during the Fall 2022 semester.


Crafters@Case brings together a diverse group of staff, students and faculty from the Schools of Nursing, Engineering, MSASS, Research Administration, and multiple departments in the School of Medicine to create handmade donations in support of local community organizations. Groups currently meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zoom. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.

crafter donations

Learn more about Crafters@Case‌. With questions or to join, email Angela Tagliaferri (, Tanya Smith ( or Sheila Campbell (

Sustained Dialogue

Be Part of the Conversation!
Join a Sustained Dialogue Group & Make a Positive Impact on Campus!

For almost 10 years, the CWRU Sustained Dialogue program brings together individuals from various backgrounds to discuss campus, local and national issues of concern, including diversity and inclusion matters. Dialogue groups are formed each year. No experience or special skills needed -- just attend and engage with others.

Learn more about Sustained Dialogue!

Groups meet weekly to share their experiences and perspectives and work collectively to suggest ways to make the campus more welcoming & inclusive. Be part of the conversation and help make a positive change on campus! 

Benefits of Sustained Dialogue:

  • Meet individuals from across the campus
  • Develop new friendships
  • Enhance your communication & listening skills
  • Learn how to effectively engage in critical conversations 
  • Gain tools for and comfort in engaging with individuals from various backgrounds 
  • Develop proposals for positive change at CWRU

Look for more information on groups forming during the Spring 2023 semester - to be posted soon.